Monday, June 28, 2010

Pie Bake Sale Fundraiser

Hey I got this email today - thought some of you would want to help...

Dear Friends-

As many of you are aware, Cami J. (Corey & Carols) daughter recently had her apartment broken into and literally "every earthly possession of value that she owned was stolen, except her scriptures". Her handmade violin was stolen, her guitar, the laptop that she had saved up over a long period of time to buy was stolen, along with many other items that were very special to her.
We feel such a desire to do something to help. After the awesome lesson on Service yesterday encouraging us to "be observant" and help, we keep thinking about the Good Samaritan story and how the Priest and Levite just walked by. Our desire is to stop and help.
So, we are having a bake sale of Marie Callender's Pies! If you would like to order a pie (see list of 25 varieties below), you may purchase each pie for a minimum of $15.00, and all proceeds will go to Cami. Of course larger donations are also appreciated and you do not have to buy a pie to donate :). There are 2 days left of the Marie Callender's Pie sale, SO YOUR ORDER MUST BE IN BY 9pm ON TUESDAY EVENING. Email Michele at, or Julie at The pies will be delivered on Wednesday. You may also call us to pick up any donation or just put it in an envelope with Cami's name and deliver it on your own.
PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO ANYONE YOU KNOW BECAUSE OUR CONTACTS ARE LIMITED. Our Delivery boundaries are Cedar Hills, but people outside of Cedar Hills are welcome to order and come to our home to pick up their pies.
If you get this message too late for the pie order but would still like to donate, that would be great.

Pie Menu

Tart sliced apples, sweetened and lightly-spiced with cinnamon.

A variety of only the finest plump, ripe berries, baked in this double crust pie.

Blueberries enhanced with flavorful apples

With juicy, tart, red cherries.

Chocolate Satin
Rich chocolate fills a chocolate cookie crust, with a rim of freshly-whipped cream.

Cream Cheese
If you’re a lover of cheesecake, this pie is for you. A melt-in-your-mouth cream cheese filling in a graham cracker crust, with a pure sour cream topping.

Real vanilla and a dash of nutmeg accent this rich egg custard.

French Apple
Our traditional apple pie with a crumbly cinnamon streusel topping.

KahlĂșa Cream Cheese
Try the special taste of KahlĂșa mocha throughout our velvety cream cheese pie in a chocolate cookie crust.

Lots of buttery, caramelized pecans baked in a luscious filling.

Key Lime
The tart flavor of Key Limes, blended creamy and smooth in a graham cracker crust.

Lemon Cream Cheese
Our melt-in-your mouth cream cheese pie with a tangy lemon topping.

Mince (seasonal)
Holiday fruits and rum accent the authenticity of this festive holiday pie.

With thick sliced peaches.

Our famous pumpkin pie has just the right amount of spice.

Raspberries and blackberries baked together, with a hint of apples.

Tart and refreshing Rhubarb.

Sour Cream Apple (seasonal)
Baked apples, sour cream topping, sprinkled with cinnamon and buttery pecans.

Topped with meringue or whipped cream.
Lemon Meringue
Our most popular pie! Slightly tart, slightly sweet, topped with a light golden meringue.

Chocolate Cream
Chocolate blended with our creamy vanilla custard.

Banana Cream
One of your favorites. Fresh ripe bananas, rich vanilla cream, fresh whipped cream or a fluffy meringue.

Coconut Cream
Coconut folded into our rich vanilla cream.

German Chocolate
Chocolate cream, coconut and chopped pecans over a layer of chocolate.

Double Cream Blueberry
Creamy vanilla custard and sour cream top a bed of savory blueberries, enhanced with flavorful apples.

Double Cream Lemon
Layers of rich lemony custard with a sour cream topping – light and refreshing.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deep Covered Baker

Pampered Chef will be changing the availability of the Deep Covered Baker
After July 1st it will only be available as one of the Host Specials!
This is great for those of you interested in hosting a show,
Not so great for those of you who are happy being Pampered Chef customers without hosting. So if you are interested in getting this great item - do not delay!
Let me know and I will put an order in at the end of the month.
If you are interested in hosting a show -
let me know and I can help you get this and much more for FREE, Half priced, or at a discount!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Dunk and Smack

Will teach your kids the skills they need to excel in the games of basketball, Soccer/Kickball, Softball/Baseball, and many more. We will teach your children to have good sportsmanship in the games they play, and the rules of these sports.

Camp Weeks: Softball/ Baseball June 7th –June 11th

Basketball June 14th – June 18th

Soccer/Kickball June 21st – June 25th

All Stars Week June 28th –July 2nd

    Camp Pricing: $18 for the first child and $15 for the second child/ week).

    For all the weeks we are charging $50 for the first child and $40 for the second.

    Times: Mon, Wed, and Fri 9am- 10:15am

    What Provided: Wrist bands (needs to be worn every day), water bottles, sunscreen, and the balls.

    What to bring: Closed-toed shoes, hats, shorts, gloves (if doing baseball/softball), shin guards (if doing soccer), swimsuit (for all stars week), and a great attitude.

    Times: To be decided based on number of kids and age groups will also be based on the number of kids signed up

    Counselors: Rachael Schoonmaker, Taylor McIntosh, Becca Curtis

Assistant Counselor: Elijah Schoonmaker

We also need to have the child’s information (phone #, address) when you sign your child up.
To sign your children up please call 1-801-717-0881 or 1-801-763-8857.
We look forward to having your child participate in this summer camp.
There will also be an information sheet that will be emailed to you once you have signed up.