Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Photos are Here!

I love it! We got it last night.

It is a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Special Edition - it has power everything, DVD, sunroof, full stow-and-go, leather and everything I hoped to get in a car.

I love it. I love the way it drives, the way the seat warmers feel on my bum and I love the room between the kids and my seat, as well as how far they are from each other.

I can't wait to drive it more, because of all the snow and a sick little girl, we didn't get the drive time I was hoping for, but we have a PLENTY of time, because I am pretty sure this is my car for the next decade of so... wish me luck!

PS: Did I mention I love it!?

It's Here!!!

I am not going to talk all about it now because I still have a lot to learn about it, but coming soon - all details.

I have no pictures because we got it last night and it was raining, so that wouldn't work. So they are soon to come.

This just an announcement - I will no longer be grumpily waiting (I am not a patient person) - it is now here!

If you are wondering what I am talking about - we haven't talked in a while! This is mainly for those who have been waiting along with me - thanks! Especially to Sherri and Melissa, who had to hear me complain every time we talked that it still wasn't here.

Stay tuned for more pics and info!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Big Milestone!

It has taken about a year but I think (knock on wood that I am not jinxing myself) Emma is finally, totally and completely potty trained! She has gone the last week or so with nothing but her panties!

We started the last part of May last year - we had early success and thought it was going to be super easy, but then we went to Alaska for vacation, she did pretty well there, but when we got home she started regressing and it was like starting over. Then we went though all the weird stages... her being too busy playing to actually go in the potty, her going in the potty but a tiny bit in her panties first, then we went a LONG time (like 4-5 months or maybe even longer) when she was perfect in the day and even during her naps but then at night time she would use a pull up and wake up totally full. But the last week or so she just randomly started being dry at night, in the past when this has happen and I try the panties it's like she gets stage fright and goes that night. But after a few nights of a dry Pull Up we decided to give panties a try at night... IT WORKED!!! So we of course had a big celebration that morning and it has continued!

When I told Jared that she is officially potty trained, he thought I was silly because she really has been close to perfect (during the day) for a long time and he thinks that she has been potty trained for a while. But in my eyes there was still one more hump to get over and I think WE DID IT!!! Not a moment too soon either - we have done it in the past so I know we can do two kids in diapers, but three was NOT going to happen! So lucky for everyone that she finally got it before Baby arrived.

I think it is funny how every baby is so different - I mean my friend Janelle just blogged that her 17 month old (Carson's age) is starting to get interested in her potty and is being successful - Carson on the other hand we are still trying to find a good night time diaper he won't pee through - not to mention I don't even let him in the bathroom most of the time, because he likes to "play in the water". So to me it is even funnier how my kids love to be on the difficult side of that "different", but I will say that... it makes success even sweeter!

Good Job Emma Lou Lou - you are the best, my big girl!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Selling Our Car

We have finally out grown the Altima! We have recently purchased a MINIVAN!!! I am so excited - I know there are plenty of people who will freak out over the next comment, but... a minivan has been my dream car since before Jared and I were first married! We should get it Monday or Tuesday and I will post all the fun details about it then - I promise!

Until then - we are selling the Altima! So if you know anyone that is interested in a reliable, inexpensive car - send them to this post, it is also posted on Craigslist and KSL.

It is a 1997 Nissan Altima, it has 168500 miles on it and is has a manual transmission (stick shift). It has power locks, power windows, key-less entry, CD player and new front tires. It is a clean car inside and out. We have had it for about 9 years and it really has been great for us. I think it would be a great 1st car or family car! We are asking $2300 obo. Let me know if you know anyone who is interested!