Monday, November 16, 2009


Does anyone - who lives local - have a trumpet or toy trumpet, that I could borrow fro Tuesday afternoon? It will not be touched by lips and only one, responsible, person will be using it.

Let me know as soon as possible if you do - thanks!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Tickets are here!!!

I picked up the New Moon tickets - so come and get them!!!

I AM NOT bringing any tickets, but mine, to the theater
So you MUST pick up or arrange delivery before next week!

The show is at 10 pm on Friday
There are NO TRAILERS!!!
So be there early to be ready at 10.
I think they are opening the doors at 9:30

In that time we will have a drawing and prizes!
Our drinks and Popcorn will be in the theater for us!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Pampered Chef Customer Appreciation and Holiday Open House

You are invited to my
First Annual Pampered Chef Customer Appreciation
and Holiday Open House!

Wednesday, November 18th
@ 9:30am - 12:30pm OR 5 -8:00pm
Saturday, November 21st
@10am - Noon

Summer Pratt’s home -
4633 West Ferguson Way - Cedar Hills

801-885-2707 or

Come join us for food, fun, and lots of gift giving ideas with the Pampered Chef.
Come and shop from your seat, not from your feet! Discount Table!
Door Prizes! Fun and Food!
Best of all, I am having drawings for FREE product!

I will have multiple drawings for great products!
Receive entries into the drawing by doing the following:

RSVP = 1 ticket
(801-885-2707 or
or mark attending on Facebook Invite or commenting on this blog post)
Attend = 1 ticket
Every $30 spent = 1 ticket
Book your own Cooking Show = 4 tickets
Bring a Friend (adult guest) = 2 tickets
Bring an outside order = 2 tickets for each order
Start your own Pampered Chef business = 8 tickets
Can’t attend the Show? Place an order before the show = 2 tickets

To view the catalog and place an order go to
and click on "Shop Online" and enter "Open House" for Host name to link you to the show
and receive a discount on shipping.

Remember, if you hosted a Pampered Chef Cooking show
within the last year, you will receive the 10% Past Hostess Discount

November Special!
20% off Simple Additions Serving Pieces!
No Minimum Purchase - No Limit!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


When Emma turned 18 months she walked into nursery like she owned the place, she didn't really have trouble with me leaving at all. If anything, it was me not wanting to leave her.

Carson on the other hand wants NOTHING to do with nursery on his own. In the beginning anytime we came near the nursery room he would cry and shake his head, saying NO, NO NO the whole way. Then we got to a point where he would go in and play, but stay close. The only times I have tried to leave, he throws a fit. I will say our church time is during his nap, so we often chalk it up to super tired and take him home.


We went in and I stayed with him for the first 20 minutes or so, then I made my move... but don't worry I came prepared! So, I know he should be getting over this, but soothies are for when kids need to be soothed... before I made my move I gave the nursery leaders Carson's Binky and Taggie, so if he freaked out he would have the two things I have been training him to calm down with. IT WORKED!!! I left, I heard him cry a minute later and then it stopped. I waited and nothing. I nearly had an anxiety attack, but the crying was gone. My two good friends Heidi and Cindy were in the hall and nearly had to drag me away from just listening for him the rest of church. But I left and they didn't come for me. In fact one of the other moms were called out and I made eye contact with the Nursery leader and she gave me a big smile and thumbs up! I got to go to most of Sunday School and all of Relief Society - it was awesome! When we came to go get him, he was happy and excited! Then just like clock work he fell right to sleep without a fuss, like it was his normal time. What a great day!

I really hope it wasn't just a fluke and that we will continue to make progress. With Jared having to be in Priesthood with his calling, I was missing Relief Society way more then I could handle! Today was great!