Sunday, December 21, 2008

You can call me "Consultant" Summer

After years of throwing Pampered Chef parties at my own home and enjoying the spoils of my labors with great stuff in my kitchen, I have decided to take the next step and become a Pampered Chef Consultant. I am a little nervous and I am not sure how great I will do, but I really do love this stuff (you should see my kitchen as proof) so I am confident I will enjoy it, so I am going to give it a try.

If any of you want to have a Pampered Chef Party in your own home just let me know and we can schedule whenever is convenient for you. If you just want to order something for yourself or others, let me know - I am now able to get the goodies for you! I will also be using my blog to announce any parties I will be having, so all of you can always attend.

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to take this step and to Christine for being so supportive and making me successful already!

Wish me luck!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pampered Chef Party

Saturday I had a Pampered Chef Party, we had a great time and enjoyed some yummy food. If any of you couldn't make it, but still wanted to order something, we are "closing" the party out tonight (Monday evening), so you can still order until then. If we close out tonight we should get the shipment in on the 22nd - so before Christmas if you are still looking for Christmas gifts! If you are interested you can look on and in the catalog, then write down the item # of what you want and the description, call me and we can get you your great Pampered Chef items before the party closes!

Also if you spend $60 or more you get the Beaded Spreader for free!

If you don't have my number comment on this blog and I will call you.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Mrs. Perfect

Not only is she super cute with a perfect little not-too-skinny-to-make-you-think-she-isn't-eating-but-skinny-enough-
to-make-YOU-want-to-stop-eating, she also has great taste with her cute little clothes and glasses and overall look... she also has all the perfect talents that I am jealous of, like playing the piano beautifully, interior decorating, crafting (while recycling) with simple things like a tube of Crystal Light. She also has a super cute son who always looks like he is ready for a photo shoot (even when just in a onesie), that goes to sleep at like 6:30 or 7 every night and sleeps until morning. Don't forget her super awesome husband, who is such a "man's man" it is unbelievable, while still being super funny, down to earth and not too macho to still make it so obvious that he is head over heals for his wife. I could go on forever about her amazing house and her cute personality, but I will stop at the reason I was inspired to write this... neighbor gifts!

She and her husband, with their sleeping baby in the car (because perfect children still let you do things, but sleep anywhere) knocked on our door (no they didn't just leave it on the doorstep like I have done the last 3 years - of course!), the other night with this perfectly wrapped neighbor gift (which is nicer then some of the gifts I am giving my own family). It is a HAND MADE recipe board with the yummiest No-way-she-didn't-buy-these...
OH-WAIT-she's-perfect-of-course-they-are-home-made cookies. Don't worry it is also personalized with Pratt at the bottom and the added recipe in the dessert section for the yummy cookies she made for us.

I am thankful this great gift with underlying reminder that I am within steps of a true Mrs. Perfect. But I have one question for Michelle - opps - I mean Mrs. Perfect... What the heck - is there anything you don't excel at!? Also one suggestion - if you have to be perfect, which all perfect people come by naturally, so of course you have to be - it is you. Then think of the overall picture... if you aren't going to do your neighbor gifts half-assed, like the rest of us suckers that just bought something, then could you at least not be so prompt with your giving? Make yours the Grand Finale, not the very first gift you get, that makes you think, "crap - how am I going to compare with this?" Just helping you to see it how us normals are. :)

PS: I hope you know (which of course you do - perfect people also have a great sense of humor and thick skin), that this was all in good fun. I really do think you are perfect, but not in annoying way, just in a way that makes me want to be better. I absolutely love you and am so glad to be your friend! Thanks for the awesome gift and your overall thoughtfulness!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

E - M - M - A

In the last few months Emma has really been into spelling. First she would spell Emma, of course. Then as she became more comfortable with her letter she started spelling more and more. Stop (because of the stop sign - which she calls "the octagon"), go, mom, dad, Carson, cow, pig... everyday she asks how to spell a new word - it has become her favorite game in the car, while we are driving places... "Mom, how do you spell..." and she doesn't stop - lucky for me she doesn't know any big words that I might misspell! She did ask about Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - but I just laughed and stated singing it and she was satisfied.

The last few days she has wanted to write her name... she hasn't perfected her "A" - but for her first time, I think it is great!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Joseph B. Wirthlin

Joseph B. Wirthlin passed away last night at the age of 91. He was a wonderful man and one of my favorite apostles. I most enjoyed a motto he used in his life that his mother had taught him - "come what may and love it." We were all greatly blesses to have had him to teach us for as long as we did.

Jared found this article about his life, it really shows so many of his characteristics that we all loved, his humor, his hard work and his devotion. We love you and will miss you Elder Wirthlin - "Auf Wiedersehen, till we meet again." (read the article for the last part).

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin: A Life Full of Adventure and Joy that Surpasses Understanding

If ever there was a symbol of one man’s dedication to make the most of every day, it is Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin’s old Olympia typewriter. In a time when computers dominate most offices, it sat on his wide oak desk and was put to good use each morning as he personally typed out his daily schedule on a small 3-by-5 card. “Every day is an adventure,” Elder Wirthlin said. “Every day carries with it a responsibility. I thought, well, here I am — sort of the 11th hour maybe in my life — I’d better make the most of it.”

Elder Wirthlin made the most of it all of his life. Jane Parker, his oldest child, recalled one of her favorite memories was waking “at five in the morning and hearing him at the typewriter” organizing his schedule. The clacking of typewriter keys during those predawn hours became part of the rhythm of life for this apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who felt each day was a journey to be savored and enjoyed.

“Some of the happiest people I know have none of the things the world insists are necessary for satisfaction and joy,” said Elder Wirthlin. “My life has been filled with adventure, spiritual experiences and joy that surpasses understanding.”

Keystroke by keystroke, line by line, schedule by schedule, Elder Wirthlin stripped down the complexities of life to the simple things that matter most; family, devotion to God, hard work and service.

Elder Wirthlin, the eldest of five children, was born in Salt Lake City on 11 June 1917 to Joseph and Madeline Wirthlin. A young Joseph learned true compassion from his father during the Great Depression, when many families were suffering. His father, who owned a wholesale business, would load Joseph’s red coaster wagon with food for the needy. Joseph would make the deliveries, and when the wagon was empty he’d come back for more. Looking back on that experience he said: “I learned from him to care for the poor and to not do it just by words but in deed. That was a great lesson for me. He was always kind to the poor.”

Elder Wirthlin’s desire to succor the poor in body and spirit resulted in his leaving his studies at the University of Utah, and a starting position on the football team, to serve a two and a half year mission for the Church in the late 1930s. At a precarious time in world history, he stepped aboard the S.S. Manhattan as a young missionary and began a long voyage that would take him into Germany and Switzerland. For the first six weeks he was alone in Salzburg, a missionary in a strange, new country not knowing if or when Hitler’s tanks would blitz across the border.

Elder Wirthlin said: “As I look back on it now, I wonder if those times of trial and loneliness weren’t instrumental in strengthening my character and heightening my desire to succeed. Those times of seeming failure may have been some of the most instrumental of my life, because they prepared me for greater things to come.”

His mission was a period of intense gospel study during which he learned to teach, preach and “love people more than ever before and to accept them for what they were.”

A defining moment for Elder Wirthlin came on a cold, clear, snowy night on Christmas Eve in the tiny village of Oberndorf nestled in the Bavarian Alps. After listening to organ music in a humble church, Elder Wirthlin and his companion started for home and became engaged in a serious discussion about what they wanted to do with their lives. “The Spirit was so strong as I walked with my companion that it’s hard to express,” Elder Wirthlin said. “I really had a burning testimony that the Church is true as never before in my life.”

On that soul-searching night, Elder Wirthlin also contemplated the type of woman he would someday marry. After returning from his mission he said he knew the first time he laid eyes on Elisa Rogers that she would be his wife — and she was just a year later, on 26 May 1941.

Theirs was a tender relationship that deepened through the years, said daughter Katherine Cannon. “You could tell that she loved him. She listened intently to him.” And he listened to her, many times relying on her “good, sound judgment.” Though often gone with a hectic schedule, Elder Wirthlin said he looked forward to coming home. “Every morning I kiss her goodbye and always say, ‘Auf Wiedersehen, till we meet again.’”

The Wirthlins settled into married life and eventually became the parents of eight children, seven girls and one boy. “Our boy came second, and when we had our eighth arrival and announced to him that it was a girl, “Elder Wirthlin laughed, “Joe said, ‘Not another one!’”

Life was busy, but Elder Wirthlin always devoted time to family, whether it was lunchtime with his children, letting his son play stowaway in his car to the office, or taking family vacations on which they always seemed to get lost. Sunday also became an important family time when they rested from work, attended church and held family home evening.

Elder Wirthlin was also devoted to living the gospel. After serving in countless Church positions spanning decades, Elder Wirthlin became an apostle on 9 October1986, joining 11 other modern-day apostles with responsibilities to govern The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church organization reflects Christ’s ancient church, and like those biblical apostles nearly two millennia ago, today’s apostles come from all professions and walks of life and serve in lifelong positions.

Fellow apostle Russell M. Nelson said Elder Wirthlin will be remembered for his “tremendous faith and willingness to work.” President Thomas S. Monson, president of the Church, described Elder Wirthlin as a man of great innate goodness who did not care for personal acclaim, only to please his Heavenly Father.

And pleasing his Heavenly Father included sharing his testimony of the gospel with others. “I wish I could engrave on every heart what I so keenly know and feel,” Elder Wirthlin said. “I bear unwavering testimony that our Heavenly Father and His divine Son, Jesus Christ, rule and reign, and that we must all understand that the gospel is everlasting. It is forever and applicable to all, and each of us is to be held accountable.”

Accountability, knowing what’s really important in life, strengthening family relationships, serving God, strengthening others, making the most of each day, having a written schedule and sticking to it — one can almost hear the keys of the old Olympia typewriter.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night was the midnight release of Twilight the movie! If you don't know what Twilight is, call me immediately and I will send you the books! Also, you probably won't be interested in this next post.Reva, Sherrie, Emilie, Michelle and I left right before 11 pm to head to The Gateway Cinema up in Salt Lake for the showing. We decided to go there because they had assigned seating enough tickets for a good group. The place was packed, we had to hook on to each other to stay together when moving through the crowd, they even had police out front for the crowd, it was great!
I loved the movie and I was disappointed. I think when deciding to see this movie or not, you have to think, if you loved the book, nobody is going to be able to recreate that for you - unfortunately.

When looking at the characters cast on the internet and other places, I thought they did a really bad job, but I really think they fit fairly well in the movie. The best character cast was Charlie and Renee - I think the actors fit the part so well. The worst cast I think was Rosalie - I know it is hard to cast "the most beautiful women in the world", but she was not it, by a long shot in my eyes and it didn't help that bad hair color and make up vexed her through out the movie. Others I wasn't disappointed in were Emmett, Jasper and Alice - they seemed to fit the role fairly well and I ended up liking them. I actually Jasper WAS a little odd, but I think you have to read into his character to see that he is a new vegetarian vampire and is odd... it seemed to fit to me.

I was disappointed in some of the character development or lack of it and also some of the scenes they chose to leave out. Some of my favorites like - when he first spends the night and she wakes up and jumps on the rocking chair with him and they finally say I LOVE YOU! No chair and no I love you. He does spend the night and they do kiss - but it is short lived and it doesn't really show him working up to the kiss or getting better to be closer to her. I felt like they rushed through a lot of key stuff and it was a little disappointing.I did enjoy seeing this version of my favorite book. I have said it before and I will say it again - it can't do it justice. I can't show you what I see in my head, but it is amazing!

I will say I am going to see it again and probably again after that, then when it comes out on DVD I will own it and watch it at my leisure.
The best part of the night was hanging out with my good friends and laughing like teenagers a majority of the night! I had a blast girls, thanks so much for coming!I even had some temporary tattoos that the girls put on (from the New Moon book) , so along with my "It only takes one bite" shirt and my "Twilight Girl" beenie - we were set!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

Both Emma and Carson's birthdays were this week. Carson turned 1 on Sunday and Emma is 3 today! I really can't believe how quick they have grow and how fast they are learning. I absolutely love their crazy energy and funny personalities.Unfortunately we have all been sick this week and so we have been celebrating around feeling yucky! Saturday was their birthday party, we had a Safari themed party and I think it turned out great. Carson only got to enjoy about 15 minutes of it and then he slept the rest of the time... oh well, I wasn't going to keep him up for 15 - 2 to 3 year olds that would have made him crazy. I will post pictures as soon as I can, I actually only took a few, because I was busy hosting, but I know that Grandma T, Big Grandpa and Reva took some, I will get them soon to post.

Today we went with Grandma T to Madagascar 2, it was a really cute movie. Emma is not as much of a "movie buff" as I would hope and spent about 1/4 of the movie asking to be held or to go home and the rest of the time eating popcorn. Carson on the other hand was perfectly content on Grandma T's lap watching the movie and kicking along to the music.

To celebrate their birthdays on the blog, I had some photos emailed to me of them from our photographer and good friend,Emilie.

***Photographer Plug - don't skip this part: We had our family photos done last week and they turned out amazing! If you would like your pictures done and are looking for THE MOST TALENTED photographer in Utah, then you need to click the link to her website, which is on the right column of my blog under "Favorite Websites." She is, in my opinion, totally under priced (not in a bad way, but she doesn't let money control her art and doesn't want it to control others opportunities either), she is very flexible with schedules - even nap times, does amazing work with children and has done my kids in different stages as they have grown. I am so grateful for her and the photos of my kids, it is so fun to look back on them growing up through the work of a true artist.***So I thought I would show you a few of them she did recently and tell you the fun things the kids are doing in their stages.

Emma is totally amazing, in my eyes. She is to a really fun stage of "Big Girl." She loves to sing, dance, read and play. She has made some big steps in the last year... we got rid of her binky, got her in a big girl bed and have made big strides in the potty training process (we still have an occasional accident - so we have some work to do still). She absolutely loves her little brother and has made it her goal to make him laugh as much as possible. She is very helpful with him and is really learning all the responsibilities of being a big sister - even sharing! She is pretty smart in my eyes (of course I am a little bias), she can navigate around the computer, getting to Playhouse Disney and to her itunes playlist on her own - which is so funny to see. She loves to say the prayer and is very detailed in what she prays for... which is anything from The Imagination Movers to the remote control, but Mommy, Daddy, Carson and Uncle Tyson are always mentions. The newest thing she likes to do is snap - even though she has got it down pretty well for the last week or so, her face still lights up when she hear the snap - it is great!Carson is so nice - He is the best second child anyone could ask for! He is very soft and sweet, but can get talkative when he wants to - which we love to hear! He started crawling a few weeks ago and has found his way around everywhere. He has now started to climb a little, getting up on his knees only and stretching up, it is very cute. He loves to watch his sister, it doesn't matter what she is doing, he has his eye on her and if it is even the slightest bit funny, he will giggle. He is a super good eater, he loves to munch on anything especially anything we are eating... no matter what he has and what what we have - he always wants ours! He is getting a wider variety of food as well now, he has 2 teeth on the bottom and 4 on top are starting to push on his gums (but nothing up top has pushed through yet). He is a great sleeper and has been so easy compared to his sister. He is really a nice little sweet heart and I love to cuddle and kiss him! He is my little "mama's boy" and I really love it!
Happy Birthday Kids - hope you both had fun special days!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am especially grateful to a few people...

Emma has not been feeling well the last few days and last night seemed to be the worst. So to help her feel better and so I didn't have to spread any sickness, I stayed home to be with her. Others had a part in her feeling better as well...

Thanks to Jyll for working for me today! Even though she has a little baby of her own that she didn't want to leave, she knew I was desperate and pulled some strings to sub for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Along with Jyll, thanks to all the girls for helping out in my absence and to Dr. Payne for being understanding about me not wanting to work and leave Emma.

Thanks to Target for making the only Tylenol that Emma will take without a fit - in fact she calls it "yummy". Also to Walmart for your very effective Medicated Chest Rub.Last but not least thanks to Jackson, Broder and Sherrie for being so thoughtful and bringing Emma a "Get Well Soon" gift and picture. (Sherrie watches Emma and Carson on the days I work and Jackson and Broder are her sons - Emma's great friends!) When they delivered it the kids stayed in the car but Emma was so excited to see them, wave and blow kisses.

This is a water painting that Jackson did - it is a dinosaur... they both love dinosaurs! Incase you can't see the writing at the bottom says "To Emma - Feel Better! Love (heart) Jackson."
This is some yummy hot chocolate with a picture of "Imagination Mover Rich" on it. The Imagination Movers are Emma's favorite show right now and Rich is one of the characters. I love it, Jackson, you are the cutest guy ever - thank you so much for being such a good friend to Emma!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 More Days!!!

Twilight is coming in 10 more days - I can't wait!!! A few girlfriends and I already have our tickets for a midnight showing and I am dying for the day to come closer!

I know, I know, some of you critics are saying - "but it might ruin your ideal Edward or Bella" or "it's going to ruin the book for you"... maybe, but I don't think so. I really am excited to go... no he is not the Edward in my head and she is not the Bella in my head - but neither was Leo and Claire for Romeo and Juliet or Kira Knightly for Elizabeth - but I still enjoyed it and appreciated the facts that some of my favorite classics were being loved by so many on the big screen. I think this is how it will be with Twilight - I have spent the last 2 years loving the characters in my head - I will hold on to them and let these on the movie show me another version, not to replace, to add to. PLUS - my instincts guide me... whenever I see a trailer or clip - I get so excited, my heart beats faster and it makes me smile... there is my answer.

For all of you not watching, I really do understand, if you change your mind - call me, I have a feeling I will be seeing this one more them once!

or you others - Sherrie, Michelle, Emilie and Reva - I will see you in the theater (with my "Mrs. Edward Cullen" shirt on of course!). I added this clip to get you up for it! The last minute is a clip that is great!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emma's New Favorite song!

Thanks to Broder and Jackson, Emma now loves this song. She sings it all the time and asks us to play this video on the computer, so she can dance. Hope you enjoy!

I Like To Move It - Funny blooper videos are here

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged X 8

My friend Lindsay tagged me a few days ago and I haven't had time to do it, but I didn't want her to think I forgot her, so here you go...

8 TV shows I like to watch:
The Office, Man vs. Wild, Scrubs (on occasion), Daily 10, Ace of Cakes, Sports Center, Dirty Jobs, John & Kate Plus 8.

8 things that happened yesterday: FHE, Emma and I walked around the block multiple times, scheduled our family pictures, talked to my sister on the phone, took the kids to visit Grandma T, went to Target, made a Christmas list for the kids, did a few loads of laundry.

8 Favorite places to eat:
Home when Jared smokes or bbqs something, Jimmy Johns, Snickles (it's closed now, but because Jared's uncle was the owner - we still get to enjoy the best of the best), Cafe Fresh, Cafe Rio, Chef's Table, The Roof, Quatros Pizza (best Pizza I've ever had - it's in Illinois).

8 things I’m looking forward to:
Family pictures, payday, the kid's birthdays, Christmas shopping for the kids, my parent's coming to visit, a mini van, a new digital camera, potty training being over.

8 people I tag:
I am sorry Lindz, I love you and I did this for you, but I do not love tags, so I am not going to tag anyone else cause what if they hate it also.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year was a little more fun then years past, this year was the first year Emma has really understood Halloween. She talked about Halloween, her costume, she practiced saying "trick or treat", she even woke up from her nap that day ready to get going... she knew what was going on and it really made it more fun for us.
We tried to give the kids a theme . Emma was a monkey and Carson was an elephant. Emma absolutely loved her costume because she had a banana in her pocket and a "cute tail" that she would out to everyone.Carson was not in love with his costume, but he was a trooper and didn't complain, he is so mellow, he really doesn't care what we do. Although he didn't get any candy, he did love all the smiles and hugs he got from our neighbors.
We started the evening off by walking around our neighborhood and visiting some of the homes in the area. Reva, Ryan, Andy and Tony joined us, for two reasons... one - they are our friends and we enjoy their company and tw0 - Andy, Tony and Emma would spend every hour of every day together if they were able, so we thought it would be fun to let them enjoy Halloween together.
Plus Andy and Tony were also monkeys - which was so cute to see the three little monkeys running down the street banging on each door. They had a great time!
Emma was so funny, it didn't take long for her to get the process. She would knock on the door, say "trick or treat", get her candy, say "Thank you, Happy Halloween" and the quickly turn and sprint to the next door. She was "speed-trick or treating".

After we made it around the block, we went to continue the fun at Grandma T's house. Although we were too late for their "trunk or treat", we didn't miss out on some fun with the family. Eric and Liz were over with David and Abi - who were so cute. Emma spent the rest of the evening playing with her favorite "Little Da-Veed", singing for Grandma Nicholls (who was in town) and then hanging with Grandma T.Grandma T just had hip surgery last week and Emma loves to put herself in the middle of the walker and pretend to be in a cage... sometimes I wish I had a cage!Little David was a golfer... isn't this awesome! He actually has a really good swing already!Here is Abigayle, she is the tiniest little sweetheart ever! She is so little, but her features are all so petite that you can tell even as she gets older she is going to be little. Don't you just love her tutu?! Liz made that! She said it was fairly easy and showed me how, but isn't she awesome that she would do that, she is way more brave with her craftiness then I am.Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Don't forget to brush and floss after all this sugar and don't forget to visit your hygienist to make sure those teeth stay clean!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Forward Progress!

Carson's 1st birthday is coming up! If you think he might be walking by now or have a mouth full of teeth ... you are wrong! Both Emma and Carson have taken their sweet time crawling. They are content sitting and playing with the toys around them. Now some might blame me for this, maybe I don't give them enough "belly time" - I don't care what you say... I gave Carson 100 times more "belly time" then Emma and still at 11 months he only scoots. But NO LONGER!!! Wednesday (the 29th) morning I put him on the floor in the living room and went to check my email (less then 10 feet away). I look down and there he was crawling on his hands and knees to come get me! He is really slow and reminds me of one of those lizards that move like a robot, but he is doing it!

It is kinda funny to me how every baby is different. Ali, Carson's cousin who is 4 or 5 months younger then he, has been moving around for at least a month! And Lauren, our neighbor who is a week younger then Car, is walking and running like a mad women! He'll get there, but I will say, my kids sure are convenient, I don't have to go running after them or baby proof for a while after they are born. I'll count my blessings!

On top of that - after chewing on everything until it is dripping wet, countless light fevers, and tons of teething tablets... his first two teeth have broke through!!! This is a big week for our little guy! He has been gumming food for a while, but still gags on things, now at least he will get the change to break it up a little. I haven't been able to get a photo yet, he is very protective of them, but I will as soon as I can and then I will post it for all of you to enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jason Mraz

Last night my two good friends Melissa and Becky joined me for
The Jason Mraz concert,
we had a blast! We spent close to 2 1/2 hours screaming and swooning with every song he sang and every move he made. He was so fun to watch, not only was he beautiful, but he was just a great entertainer. He would make little comments here and there that were quite funny and he really kept the crowd going. He also kept us going with his sexy hip shakes, he was totally hot! Becky, who originally didn't want to go, found herself fluttering every time he would adjust his hat, it didn't take long for her to be a totally geeked out Jason Mraz fan! He sang most of his new stuff and a few of his songs from his old records. Including Remedy, which was still great after all these years!
During his encore, which was like 25 minutes, he sang "Buttercup"
I could have listened all night!

This is a great video because he is even wearing close to the same outfit! I only wished whoever video taped this would have stayed full body - I didn't want to miss a second of his moves!

This song was not even one of his that I liked very much, but after the concert it has become my favorites! It was really fun to dance to and I can't help but smile when I hear it now!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last week The Ward Pay Date was a trip to Cornbelly's Maze and Pumpkin Patch. I left Carson at home with Jared and took Emma for some Mommy-Emma time. We also had about 20 others from the ward there, it was a great activity. We had a blast! There was so much to do and we spent about 5 hours there (much longer then I thought we would). Emma was extra happy because her close friends Andy and Tony were there to share the fun. We saw chickens singing,
played dress up, played in the kids grocery store (I actually watched from the outside, it was too small for me), went on a tractor pull, jumped and played in a room full of corn (like a big sand box, but corn), saw pig races, went go cart racing, jumped on a big bubble trampoline, went through the kids corn maze, and so much more. I am really enjoying this age with Emma, she is really growing up and loves to play and use her imagination. It is so much fun to watch and share her fun. We really could have stayed all day, but nap time was calling. We had the best time and for anyone who hasn't taken there kids yet, GO! You will not be disappointed!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wives and Daughters

The names may not be as familiar as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, but I assure you they have just as wonderful a love story - Roger Hamlin and Molly Gibson. I have always loved Old English stories, I, of course, love Jane Austen, I recently read her complete works and I was not disappointed. But only recently have been reading Elizabeth Gaskell. Sherrie, my friend and neighbor gave me a wonderful book that I have posted about before, North and South, where I fell in love with Mr. Thornton - a love that prior to I had only given to Mr. Darcy. Now Roger Hamlin joins the list! Tonight I finished the movie of Wives and Daughters, that Sherrie had lent me... it was so amazing! If you love Jane Austen type novels, I am sure you will love this one! I don't think it has replaced Pride and Prejudice for me, but it certainly has given it a run for the money!

Plus, tell me you wouldn't fall in love with this sensitive, scientist, who speaks with a sexy English accent - I should have paid attention more in biology!

PS to Jared: No worries Jared you are still on the very top of my list (even above Edward), even though you are not a vampire or have a sexy English accent... If you are feeling any jealousy, just know, I would put your bare chested picture on the blog to show off, but I think you would kill me!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My game highlights!

Yesterday was the BYU vs. New Mexico game, we won of course! It was cold, we should have played better, and let them have a field goal, but I still walked away happy. Why you ask well... We won, we only let them have a field goal AND after the game Dennis Pitta (Tight End for BYU, brother-in-law to Max Hall and all around amazing player!) was outside of the stadium and I got to give him a big hug! I told him "I Love You" and he said "well thank you!" with a smile. Then I quickly scampered away to find the rest of my party, who had been watching me the whole time giggling. I don't care, chances like that only come along so often and you can't let pride let them pass you by! So yeah! I bear hugged Dennis Pitta! He is huge!!! He is 6'5 and 250 lbs. of lean muscles... holy crap! Thanks heavens for men like that for playing on our team, he rocks the field!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Disney on Ice - 100 Years of Magic

Disney on Ice is coming to Utah! November 12-16th - there are a few evening shows at 7pm, a 4pm show on Friday and on Saturday they have a 11am, 2:30 and 6:30 showing. I called yesterday to see about tickets and found out that a group can get a pretty good discount. The $23 tickets (lower bowl) we could get for $13 if we got a group together. So I have talked to a few people and have gotten about 5 already. Who would like to go and when. I think the Saturday at 6:30 would be nice, I wouldn't mind the 11 am on Saturday or the Wednesday at 7pm. So lets go!!! Whoever wants in, let me know as soon as you can, I would like to get tickets in the next week. I will get the names together and post when everyone wants to go and probably contact each personally to make sure everything is okay prior to making the purchase. So look at your calendars!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can't wait!

Okay here it is! This is the newest Twilight Trailer... SO GOOD!!! This is actually making me excited about the movie. Prior to this I was a little nervous about it not living up to my expectations, truthfully - I don't know if it can, but it is getting closer! Anyone up for a camp out on Nov. 20th? Let me know - I will provide the hot cocoa!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So recently I did a personality profile with my office, it was supposed to help us understand each other better and work better together (we work great together, but it was a small part of a bigger "office building" thing we were doing, it is a LONG story and I am not up for detailing it right now or probably ever).

So big surprise it came out that I was extroverted - if you don't know that about me - please X out of this page, you are a stranger and I would rather you not be looking at my life. Other things I found - I have a hard time "not leading" ... actually it said "I can't not lead", my comment - I would rather not lead, but then others don't lead as well as I do, so I have to help them. So really it should say "can't not help." Other things I learned, or rather, others learned about me... I follow my gut over facts. Also, I would rather hear the facts in a conversation, get to the point, rather then all the extra "flowery stuff". This is often a problem in my mind, because when people talk to me I often have an inner monologue with myself about how I wish they would stop talking and just tell me what I need to know - this happens at work more then anywhere else. I try to listen patiently, but unfortunately one of the other things that was let out of the bag with this "profile" is that I can be impatient. This is something that I have to work on - I think kids help you to be patient, I really do think that. But then you have husbands also, who have a counter effect on the patients you just learned from the kids... interesting how families work. :)

There was other stuff that was more "positive" about my profile, but this is what I heard first and I got impatient to hear the other stuff so at this point in the "profile" is where the "inner monologue" came in.

Interesting huh? I think I should end this by saying I am not sure I buy into all this stuff, maybe it is the "gut" intuition talking, but I kinda feel like what is the point... should I hand out my personalty findings to all those that I interact with through out my life. I think it is interesting, but I think it is just that, a conversation piece - like right here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beauty and The Beast

Today Grandma T (Jared's Mom) took Emma and I to a local showing Disney's Beauty and The Beast. A very cool part was that we went an hour early and actually had breakfast with some of the characters. It was really great! We started with yummy Belgium waffles and then some of the characters came out and visited with those who came for breakfast. We got to take pictures with Belle, The Prince, Luminere (the candlestick), Babette (the duster), Mrs. Potts (the tea kettle) and Chip (the tea cup). Emma loved it!

After breakfast the show started and the "excitement" began... from the time Teri told me about this I was excited, I was sure Emma would just die with the fun she would have at the show, seeing the characters and the singing and dancing. Not once did I think through the story line of Beauty and The Beast. Well if you haven't seen it in a while, I will refresh your memory. In the beginning Belle's dad gets lost in the forest and is chased by wolves, then goes into The Beast's castle and meets The Beast who is relatively mean and scares him, then throws him into the dungeon. After this Belle comes to rescue her father and runs into The Beast who still is quite grumpy and scary. Then a little later in the story Belle goes into, the forbidden, West Wing, where The Beast finds her and gets really mad at her for going there. Belle gets mad/scared and runs away, out into the forest where she is chased by the scary wolves again, until The Beast comes to rescue her and fights the wolves. Needless to say Emma is not a brave child, she doesn't even like when I play the music too loud, let alone yelling and screaming from a hairy Beast (with horns no less). The first 45 minutes of the show I spent holding Emma in my arms well she begged to go home and for her Dad. In between the "scary" scenes, were cute singing and dancing times which were my only saving grace. As soon as any Beast, forest or castle scene would come Emma would want to be held and ask to go home, but as soon as the fun scenes would come up I could get her to watch without her wanted to go. Finally we got to a part when the scary stuff was behind us and The Beast started "being nice". She did like it and we tried to soften the scariness by saying things like "the wolves are trying to tickle Belle - that is why she is running away." So funny. She really did have a great time in the end, she clapped and yelled after each song and her eyes were huge whenever the dancing would come up. After the show the cast came out and she took pictures with most of them. She wasn't so sure about The Beast but agreed to take a picture only while being held by Grandma and only after I gave "The Big Teddy Bear" a hug to show how nice he was.

We had a great time, Emma talked about "Princess Belle" and The Beast, the whole way home, through lunch and as I laid her down for her nap. I just hope some memories don't wake her up screaming. :) I really am so glad we went. Thanks Grandma T - you are the best!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Da-Veed

Jared gives everyone a nickname. In our house nicknames are used just as often or more then real names, so of course Emma refers to people how her Dad does and not how she should - go figure. All of the cousins have a little nickname. David is "Little Da-Veed", Andie is "Drew" or "Drew Bug", Ali is "Bruce" (I don't think Bruce will stick it was more of a name for Jared to tease Molly his sister - all in fun though) and Emma has so many nicknames it is ridiculous. What is even funnier is that she responds to all of them - Emma Lou, Lou Lou, Ermie, Ermanski, the list goes on.

Emma loves David and when ever he comes to play she gets so excited for "Little Da-Veed".

Tonight Eric (Perk), David and a very pregnant Liz came over for pizza and games. We played Carcassan, a game we learned from The Alaskans (Steve (H) and Cammie - Jared's brother and sister-in-law who we visited in July). It is a great game because it is easy, fun and quick, so you can get through a game in about 45 minutes. The kids had a great time running around and dancing. They even got a horsey ride from Jared, which turned into a wrestling match with Jared, Perk, Emma and David. It was a fun night and when I went to put Emma to sleep after they had left she said "That was lotsa fun with Perk, Liz and Da-Veed, tanks Mom." (that is how it sounds). So cute!

Thanks guys for coming over and playing with us tonight! We had a fun time playing the game, but I mostly enjoyed watching the kids and the Dads play together... they were priceless.