Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ode to Eli

Eli and Emma have been best friends since Emma was about 5 weeks old (when Eli was born). They have been through a lot together - sleep training, teething, learning to crawl, walk, talk and sing, they even helped each other get used to nursery. They are the others first love and first friend. They truely spent their first two years seeing each other almost everyday... then the inevitable happened - separation. Eli and his mom and dad (Lindsay and Andy - our best friends) moved to Virgina for Dental School and off went Emma's best buddy. While it was very hard at first for all of us (it took more then a month to make it through a day without her asking about him and even longer for me and Lindsay to go a day without calling), we are all getting used to being best friends over the phone and on the web cam. But every once in a while (Christmas and Summer time) we get a visit from our old friends. Eli was in Utah for 2 weeks and we were able to have a few days like old times, they picked up just where they left off and we (Lindsay and I) got to watch and smile as our little babies grow up in front of our eyes together!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alaska Trip

I am trying to use this blog as a journal for my own record as well as sharing it with everyone else, so on the days I don't have much to say I am going to put in tid-bits from Alaska and eventually I might have it all documented.

While in Wasilla we went to a local tourist spot - The Iditarod Headquarters, where Emma and I took a dog sled ride. It was really amazing because you could really feel the power and excitement of the dogs. Emma thought they were cute and laughed when they barked before starting to run (the get excited and all start to howl and bark - it actually was funny). A few of the dogs they had there actually ran and won in the race in the last year or two. We also got to see some puppies and racing dogs in training. They bring them to the area early so they get used to people. That was Emma's favorite part... later she told everyone that she got to kiss the doggies and ride on the doggies.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Enjoying the fruits of our labors!

Can you believe it... we have vegetables! We planted SEEDS Mother's Day weekend and now we are picking some of our veggies! We have more squash and zucchini just a few days away from being picked and some other veggies that need a few more weeks. But this is our first garden and we were successful! I will admit, I do not like to weed and I probably could have watered a little more - but nobody is perfect. So if anyone wants to come over for a yummy and healthy veggie snack - we are ready!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are back!

We had a great time in Alaska and will post some pictures very soon, but we wanted to let you all know we are back in Utah and happy to be home! The kids are so jet-lagged and off their schedules it is ridiculous, we will need a few days before things are normal with them. We are exhausted, but satisfied with our trip and happy to be home and planning our next adventure... any ideas from all of you?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Latest Read

I told my dad that I have been getting into reading lately, I thought he would like that because he has always been a great reader. He told me he had a series for me to read and that he would bring it the next time he came. Well when he came he arrived with a suitcase full of books! The series is 14 books, all about 400-500 pages each! Needless to say I put it off as long as I could... no matter how great a book or series is - that is a huge commitment! He started asking if I had began reading yet and I started getting the feeling that I might offend him a little if I didn't give it a try. So I was kind of guilted into it. But NOT to my surprise, I have really liked them so far, I am 300 pages into the third book and I really have been liking them. I was pretty sure I would, that is maybe why I put it off... I knew I would like them, want to read them all the time and have about 7000 pages before I was satisfied - that is a little intimidating! But I figure one at a time and in 2010 I will post that I have finally finished!

If anyone is interested in the books, I highly recommend them. They are written by religious scholars (not LDS) about The Second Coming, along with the Antichrist and the years before Christ comes again. There is a great story line and a lot of action, they also add in scripture and how they interrupt how the events are going to take place. They are so far pretty easy reading and have seem to fly by (of course I still have 11 to go!).

So there you go Dad, good recommendation, even though I will be as old and gray as you are when I finish! :) Thanks for the books! Jared says thank you also... it allows him to keep the remote at night while I am reading. :)