Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yup you are seeing correctly!

So for those of you who don't know... we are expecting #3. I was more then surprised when I found out (on Carson's 1st birthday no less!) and couldn't even figure out how to tell Jared! I waited about a week to tell him... hoping he would just ask and then I wouldn't have to say the words. But actually he was way more excited then I expected and 99% more excited then I was... do you think that is because he doesn't wake up with the kids at night!? We weren't trying at all, in fact we were simply trying to find a better birth control because my IUD was a P.O.S and making me P.O.-ed. So along came #3! I can't wait to tell him or her that story when they grow up! Anyway, we decided, we weren't going to tell people right away, so we waited a little. But over the holidays with all of the family together, we decided it would just be easier... so the cat (or the baby I guess) is out of the bag. Actually I told my boss today and so that is why I can blog about it now... it is officially out.

I am only 12 weeks along, so it is still early, but I recently watched a movie that was talking about being pregnant - when the girl asked how pregnant she was, her doctor replied that there was only one degree of pregnant - you either you are or you aren't... so there you go - I am.

I am due July 24th - so instead of a nesting phase, I think I will just build a covered wagon and instead of a hospital I will just deliver in there. (I am more then kidding - if you don't know, July 24th is Pioneer Day in Utah).

I have had a pretty easy time so far. I haven't been sick with any of the kids and this one is no exception. I do however get hungry (in fact my ordering lunch at 10:30 am is what gave it away to the girls at work) and so I am trying to keep on the healthy side... because I really don't care what they say I WILL NOT prick my finger 3 times a day for another baby - Carson still owes me for that!

I will keep you up to date with what I find out, but for now - #3 is on the way!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

BYU Basketball

It has been too long since I have posted and I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but instead of trying tonight - I will post about recent things and not try to catch up (tonight anyway).

BYU played Wake Forrest tonight - it was a great game, we stayed close the entire game and actually spent most of the time ahead, until the end when we just couldn't pull through and we lost. I am never a good loser, but I will say I still enjoyed the game.

We went with Jared's brother Steve, who is visiting with his wife from Alaska (she didn't come because their baby wasn't feeling well tonight). Also with us was Eric (Jared's other brother), Liz (his wife), David (their son - who is so darn cute it is unbelievable) and Abi (their baby girl). It was fun to visit with all of them and play with David - he is such a boy and loves to root on the team. Here are some pictures from tonights game.

The picture of David is him doing the Cougar Fight Song cheer - he has it down pat! We were all so proud, he is such a little stud!

The picture of Liz and Abi is showing how Liz was trying to cover her ears from the crazy noise. It was so funny because right before this picture she was sleeping and when the cheers rang out, her eyes pooped open as big as quarters. But she was a trooper and both of the kids were super cute tonight!