Saturday, May 31, 2008


Okay, I have been "tagged"... I am not sure what I think of "tags" they feel a little like emails that you are supposed to forward to five friends. But because it is you Sherri I will do it. Here we go!

How to play this game of tag. Post these rules on your blog. List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

3 Joys:
* my super cute kids and husband
* pedicures
* when the kids are napping at the same time

3 Fears:
* driving to fast
* spiders (yuck)
* being unprepared (just in general, now it is food storage and emergency prep, but it has always been something, in high school it was tests and homework.)

3 Goals:
* be organized in life (such an overwhelming goal that I feel like is unreachable)
* potty train Emma - I hate even thinking about it, but it is a goal (in the next month or so - if anyone has any tips please let me know)
* get out of debt (we are a few payments away, besides our house - which will never go away)

3 Current Obsessions/Collections:

* The Office...of course
* Twilight Series ... if you didn't know this about me then you might be a stranger.
* Getting my cold storage and food storage organized - it really is an obsession lately - I think Jared would rather die in a natural disaster then listen to me talk about it anymore.

3 Random Surprising Facts about Me:
* I sang a solo at my high school graduation
* I have been going gray since high school (maybe not a surprise if you have ever checked out my roots right before my hair apt)
* I didn't get my drivers license until I was 18 and therefore never took drivers education (Jared will tell you lots of details about this NOT being a surprise to him - if you ask).

I tag: Autumn, Becky, Janelle, Melissa and Molly

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Barnyard

We decided this year was a good year for us to get a Thanksgiving Point Membership. Emma is at a great age to enjoy it and it will give us something interesting to do on the days we have a little spar time. We are really excited!

Jared and I took Emma and Carson last weekend, it was a lot of fun! Emma really got a kick out of all the animals. She fell in love with her horse "Opey" and has asked almost everyday since then if we can go back and visit him. She did not, however, enjoy the donkey - he was really loud, but we might have added to that because we wouldn't let her get too close and pet him (like the other animals) because he had a sign near him that said "watch out, I like to bite." Whatever the reason, the next few days she woke up telling me that the donkey was going to get her. We will have to work that out the next time we go.

Also while we were there one of the goats had a baby! We actually watched it (and took video, I don't know why we did, but in the moment it was something I wanted to do). The poor thing was yelling so loud - Jared and I were commenting that one of them must be sick or mad, then we turned the corner and got an eye full! It was very quick and it literally fell out! Within a few minutes the cute little goat was up walking around, it was amazing!

We had a great time and can't wait to go back! For anyone who wants to join us, you are all welcome! We can go to any area of Thanksgiving Point for Free, including the Gardens and Dino Museum - plus any guests we bring are half off! So give us a call and join the fun!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Super Ghetto

On Saturday Jared went to get a glass of milk and mentioned that he thought it was warm. I dismissed it because sometimes he just likes to complain. Then later that night I went into the freezer and realized things did not look so frozen. After a totally annoying grumbling from both of us, we quickly got as much as we could into our two coolers (PS we need to buy a bigger cooler). We have spent the last few days trying to find a fridge we both like and can afford. Jared called a friend of his who fixes refrigerators and he suggested we tip the fridge over and thoroughly clean and vacuum the underneath of the fridge. We did and turned it on and within an hour noticed a drastic difference in the temperature! So we put a mug in the freezer that is supposed to freeze and be a "chilled mug" and it froze!!! I promise, I clean my fridge, about once a month or so, I take each shelve out and clean it off. I even pull out the fridge sometimes (WAY less often, but still) and wipe behind it. I do not empty it and vacuum the bottom (DOES ANYONE DO THAT?) So moral of this story... every once in a while empty and clean the bottom of your fridge. Second moral - if you have a friend that fixes the thing that is broken in your house, call them the first night - not 3 days of "cooler food" later .

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Host - by Stephenie Meyer

Oh my goodness, the next book by Stephenie Meyer, my favorite author, is out! I am so excited! Mine should be arriving today - I HOPE! It is longer and bigger then any of the Twilight books, so I am nervous about when I am going to get to read it. But I think I will manage. I am already arranging for a day when "The Breaking Dawn" (the 4th and final in the Twilight Series) comes out, because I am going to need a day of ABSOLUTELY NO INTERRUPTIONS when that arrives. So, as soon as I get it and start reading I will let you all know! Until then you can check out teasers for this book and find anything you want from the Twilight Series (including watch the trailer or outtakes from the upcoming Twilight Movie) on as seen on my "favorite websites" list on the right side of this blog.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"What once was lost, now is found..."

It is scratched, dented and gets dropped at least once a day, but it is my little brick of communication to the outside world. It is my phone book and address book, with all the numbers I need to write down somewhere else. It is my scheduler, that I need to transfer to an actual calendar, or at least back up. It is my connection to adults that don't speak in baby language, when I need it. It is my cell phone! I misplaced it Saturday night and went 3 days without it! That is a LONG time for me. I finally found it in the diaper bag, between a diaper. How I missed my little buddy - welcome home!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bi Polar Mother Nature

It is May 1st and there is snow on the ground again this morning! Two days ago it was like 80 and just beautiful out... this is getting ridiculous!

The tulips in the front yard have already come up... will they make it through this? Also, the vegetables I got for our garden say not to plant until the "fear of frost is gone," I am starting to worry if I will ever get to plant.

Even worse the weatherman this morning put possible snow on Saturday in his forecast... jerk!