Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Home Uncle Tyson

Jared' s brother Tyson arrived home yesterday from his mission in Chile. He actually left Chile a couple weeks ago and flew to Russia to visit with his parents who are serving as mission presidents over there.

Before he got home - Emma, knowing he went to Russia before coming to Utah, told me how she was excited for Tyson to get home - but really excited for Grandma T to come home too. Thinking Tyson was bringing T with him. I had to explain Grandma T had to stay in Russia, because her mission wasn't over... this was a little sad discovery for her - but after a few minutes was okay. Lucky we have Skype or I am pretty sure Emma would have jumped a plane to Russia as soon as we got to the airport.

He has been home less then 24 hours and has already had In-and-Out and Del Taco, and is already planning for where he will eat next... my kinda of guy!

When he came down the escalator he was wearing a Russia fur hat and we all started laughing immediately - it was perfect. Unfortunately the picture isn't very good - sorry!

That day the kids and I made signs for his arrival - mainly me, but they liked coloring on the back of them. :)

Emma remembered him very well and was so excited to see him, she ran right up to him as soon as he hit the floor and gave him a big hug. Carson, watching what Emma was doing, ran right along with her and hugged him too - which is a rare thing to happen to "strangers". He even gave a few smiles and they are already great buds! Harrison was very excited to introduce himself and was a happy baby - until he got hungry in the car, then he didn't care who Uncle Tyson was. :)

That night Emma made special note in her prayer to welcome him home and say thanks for his safe arrival - then (in her prayer) gave a detailed explanation of how Tyson is home, but Grandma T and Big Grandpa did not come home with him and how they are still in "The Russia" on their mission. Then began to ask for them to come home tomorrow ... this may take a while to explain - how can she understand 2 years more? Funny and cute at the same time.

Welcome Home Tyson, we have looked forward to you getting home for 2 years and we are so excited to have you back!

PS: for all of my local friends - I think my husband has relocated into his parents house for the next week or so... so if you want to play, hang out, go shopping, have late night Twilight watching nights... I am pretty much husbandless until Tyson starts school (at least). :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Yearly Allotment

I have an addiction to Hickory Farm's Summer Sausage. I could seriously eat it in unhealthy portions. I love it!

Jared however, does not love it. He is pretty sure it is the most unhealthy thing ever, he hates the smell and thinks it is gross that I take chunks of meat and gnaw on it.

So I have to limit my addiction to Christmas time. Every Christmas, since we were married, that has been one of my gifts. I look forward to it every year - my mouth waters when when walk by the kiosk in the mall and I know it is coming.

I did get extra lucky this year and got some as a gift from my good friend Heidi - who knows all about my addiction and my yearly stipend. :)

So next year, when you are thinking about what to get me - now you know... but make sure to sneak it past Jared... because if I get too much from others it may change how much he gets me! hahaha!


Emma recently started preschool! My good friend Reva called randomly and said her twin boys (2 of Emma's closest friends) were starting preschool. She had heard of a few recent openings at the AF High School Preschool, where the high school students have a class about preschool education and then take turns teaching the kids the lesson. There is a teacher there at all times and is wonderful, her name is Ms. Megan and she looks like she is 12, but is super nice and very caring about the kids and their "early education." Anyway, we took the openings and are happy with our decision already!

I have to say I was almost emotional when I took her the first morning. She looked so cute and so big! I can't believe my little girl was walking off to preschool. I was so proud of her. I waited until they were all inside before I left, I couldn't stop watching her. Then while she was gone I found myself waiting for the time to pick her up. It is so fun hearing about what she has learned, who she played with - everything. I love watching her grow up - she is the best!

She absolutely loves it. She loves her new friends and having the Andrew and Anthony there also. She loves learning new things and showing me all of the crafts she has done. What a fun new phase of life!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Mormons!

I heard about this from Melissa, my good friend that always keeps me on top of the funny stuff - thanks Melissa, Jared and I were in tears laughing!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Bash!

November is a big month for our house. Emma's birthday is Nov. 19th and Carson's birthday is Nov. 16th. We had a week of presents, cake and parties. It was a lot of fun but we will definitely need a full year to recover.

Tuesday was their birthday party - we had a Royal Birthday party. The invitations were in scroll form and Emma and Carson delivered them in their Royal costumes. The guests wore Royal attire. We had a balloon arch at the door and Conner one of our super awesome neighbors dressed up as a Court Jester and as the guests arrived he announced them as Princess (and their name) or Prince (and their name). We did a Royal Memory game - which is Emma's favorite game. Played "put the kiss on the frog" - which was a cute drawing of a frog that Uncle Eric drew for the Bash. Ran around and tired to find the lost Royal treasure and get in back in the treasure chest before the King noticed that it was gone. Then we opened gifts and had cake.

THE CAKE!!! Sherrie, one of my closest friends and Emma's favorite mom supplied the cake. Her mom is a professional cake creator and did the most amazing castle cake for us! It truely was the best present ever!

After cake we had a Royal Ball and turned on the music and let the kids run wild until their parents arrived. It was a crazy hour and a half but it turned out so fun!

I have to give special thanks to ... Sherrie - who really is the kid's second mom, who helped me plan, set up, get through, clean up and everything in between. She is the greatest friend anyone could ask for! Liz - who doesn't ever need to be asked. She did the things I needed done, before I knew I needed them done. She held Harrison the entire time and really helped me get through the day. Eric for being an artist. Conner for being such a great Jester. All the parents who stayed. Jared for letting me go overboard and even helping in the end.

I love my kids and love making little memories like this day with them.

Happy Harrison

Harrison is getting so dang cute. He is getting much bigger and is already such a talker! He talks more then Carson already! He is sleeping better and eats better well. We haven't gotten him sleeping through the night steady yet. He will go about 7 hours and tease me as though he can do it and then the next night not sleep at all. It is a really fun game we play! I don't have any complaints though - he is still little enough that I put up with whatever because he is so cute and hasn't learned how to talk back. I love him though - he is a great mixture of Carson's good looks and Emma's spicy personality. He is a cuddle bug and a loves to be with people and I love being with him!

Emma's First Sleepover

Jared have a little rule, we haven't had to put into affect yet. We are not fans of sleepovers. We kind of think now-a-days a late night with friends over is fine, but sleep overs are not for us (or our kids). We are not sure if we are against friends sleeping here, that is still under debate, but sleeping out just isn't going to happen. Different I know, but just something we feel comfortable with. There is one exception - family.

So Emma's cousin Ashlyn got to sleep over last month. Ashlyn is absolutely the sweetest little girl and I loved having here. We had a great time, we went to the Dinosaur Museum, ice creams at the Thanksgiving Point Malt Shop, and then headed home for princess movies and popcorn. They finally made it to bed and even slept great. We had pancakes in the morning and my brother-in-law Stan came and got her so they could drive home (they live in St. George). Emma loved hanging out with Ash, Carson liked having another friend to play with and I loved listening to them giggle themselves to sleep.


I was going through my pictures and realized I haven't blogged in a really time! Sorry.

I have been canning. I am actually done, but I spent a lot of time the in Sept and Oct canning. I did salsa, spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, peaches, pears and lots and lots of freezer jam.

My parents were here for one of my "adventures" and we stayed up until after midnight doing applesauce (because we thought it would be easier after the kids went to bed). Lucky them. We had a good time though and now I have a few shelves full of jars to show for it.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Does anyone - who lives local - have a trumpet or toy trumpet, that I could borrow fro Tuesday afternoon? It will not be touched by lips and only one, responsible, person will be using it.

Let me know as soon as possible if you do - thanks!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Tickets are here!!!

I picked up the New Moon tickets - so come and get them!!!

I AM NOT bringing any tickets, but mine, to the theater
So you MUST pick up or arrange delivery before next week!

The show is at 10 pm on Friday
There are NO TRAILERS!!!
So be there early to be ready at 10.
I think they are opening the doors at 9:30

In that time we will have a drawing and prizes!
Our drinks and Popcorn will be in the theater for us!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Pampered Chef Customer Appreciation and Holiday Open House

You are invited to my
First Annual Pampered Chef Customer Appreciation
and Holiday Open House!

Wednesday, November 18th
@ 9:30am - 12:30pm OR 5 -8:00pm
Saturday, November 21st
@10am - Noon

Summer Pratt’s home -
4633 West Ferguson Way - Cedar Hills

801-885-2707 or

Come join us for food, fun, and lots of gift giving ideas with the Pampered Chef.
Come and shop from your seat, not from your feet! Discount Table!
Door Prizes! Fun and Food!
Best of all, I am having drawings for FREE product!

I will have multiple drawings for great products!
Receive entries into the drawing by doing the following:

RSVP = 1 ticket
(801-885-2707 or
or mark attending on Facebook Invite or commenting on this blog post)
Attend = 1 ticket
Every $30 spent = 1 ticket
Book your own Cooking Show = 4 tickets
Bring a Friend (adult guest) = 2 tickets
Bring an outside order = 2 tickets for each order
Start your own Pampered Chef business = 8 tickets
Can’t attend the Show? Place an order before the show = 2 tickets

To view the catalog and place an order go to
and click on "Shop Online" and enter "Open House" for Host name to link you to the show
and receive a discount on shipping.

Remember, if you hosted a Pampered Chef Cooking show
within the last year, you will receive the 10% Past Hostess Discount

November Special!
20% off Simple Additions Serving Pieces!
No Minimum Purchase - No Limit!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


When Emma turned 18 months she walked into nursery like she owned the place, she didn't really have trouble with me leaving at all. If anything, it was me not wanting to leave her.

Carson on the other hand wants NOTHING to do with nursery on his own. In the beginning anytime we came near the nursery room he would cry and shake his head, saying NO, NO NO the whole way. Then we got to a point where he would go in and play, but stay close. The only times I have tried to leave, he throws a fit. I will say our church time is during his nap, so we often chalk it up to super tired and take him home.


We went in and I stayed with him for the first 20 minutes or so, then I made my move... but don't worry I came prepared! So, I know he should be getting over this, but soothies are for when kids need to be soothed... before I made my move I gave the nursery leaders Carson's Binky and Taggie, so if he freaked out he would have the two things I have been training him to calm down with. IT WORKED!!! I left, I heard him cry a minute later and then it stopped. I waited and nothing. I nearly had an anxiety attack, but the crying was gone. My two good friends Heidi and Cindy were in the hall and nearly had to drag me away from just listening for him the rest of church. But I left and they didn't come for me. In fact one of the other moms were called out and I made eye contact with the Nursery leader and she gave me a big smile and thumbs up! I got to go to most of Sunday School and all of Relief Society - it was awesome! When we came to go get him, he was happy and excited! Then just like clock work he fell right to sleep without a fuss, like it was his normal time. What a great day!

I really hope it wasn't just a fluke and that we will continue to make progress. With Jared having to be in Priesthood with his calling, I was missing Relief Society way more then I could handle! Today was great!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Swine Flu

I got this photo in an email the other day and thought it was so funny. I don't want to make fun of a serious situation... but since this was so funny, I was forced to.

Hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In and Out is Coming!!!

This post is in response to another I read that said they didn't understand the hype around In-and-Out, giving it an "overrated" feel, here is my response - you may not like it, so read on if you have thick skin, if not - X out, grow some thick skin and log back on. PS: This is not just the testimony of a post baby fat girl, I have loved In-and-Out through thick and thin... literally!

First of all, I think some people who grow up in certain states, have prejudice of other states. Like people from Texas - don't mess with Texas. East Coast v. West Coast. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - because people in other states don't deserve to know. Well, people from California (which I am) have strong feelings about how rocking California is. But I think when you live in Utah (an amazing state, which I love) and have so many transplants - you get sick of hearing how cool other places are (a little jealous maybe, maybe not) and tend to cold shoulder anything that is associated. I can understand, but please don't give this treatment to In-and-Out, this is a universal thing, we can all love. It is like world peace, except someday we all might get some of In-and-Out... even Utah, because we are now getting 3!!! I am so excited I could scream.

(SIDE NOTE: I personally think it is in response to Chadders (Chadders - you messed with the wrong Burger joint, did you think you were just doing a knock off Burger King - WRONG), so instead of In-and-Out suing, they did the better thing - revenge... strategically placing In-and-Outs in AF, Provo and past the point... bye-bye Chadders.)

But before you wrongfully judge In-and-Out, I have a few things for you to consider on why they are the best all around place to get an AMAZING burger...

They are fresh, not processed, you can watch them make the patties or the fries right from potatoes from the counter, as you wait for you delicious food.

They are family owned, you have to love that, they don't just franchise to any dork who want s to make a quick buck, the owners really care for the business, it isn't just money, it is a family project.

They are religious, which you have to respect, they have John 3:16 on the bottom of the drink cups - I like that.

They respect their employees and aren't cheap with them, they pay well starting and give raises often, with benefits, education incentives, spiffs and promotional incentives, they treat their employees as well as some big companies, if not better.

They are simple - they don't pretend to care about Chicken sandwiches or salads. They do what they love and are great at - MEAT!!!

They make it fun with little inside things for In-and-Out lovers, like off the menu ordering... animal style, triple triples and other little goodies.

Plus, where can you get a better burger, fries and a shake, really? I would love to know - and then tell me how much it was, because In-and-Out is less then most fast food places and is totally not in the "fast food" category.

So next time you hear someone talking about In-and-Out, don't immediately think "overrated", consider all the above points and just think "awesome"!

If anyone needs more convincing let me know, I'll meet you there when they open for a more in depth look! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catch up...

I have put a handful of posts of our recent activities. I am way behind and want to catch up, but with 3 "crazies" and 2 that want to sit on my lap anytime I touch the computer I don't have much opportunity, I will do the best I can and hope you enjoy it.


One of the things I have been doing lately is couponing. I know this is a little silly, but since I am a stay at home Mom now I feel like not only am I am Mom but I have a job as to take care of the house and budget, so if I have the time, why not save some money on our grocery bill right? Plus if I gave you a dollar bill, you wouldn't throw it away would you? Well coupons are like cash to the grocery store, so why would I throw it away? I know I made fun of me too before I started doing it... but if anyone is interested and has any questions feel free to ask and maybe I can help you out. It really isn't very hard, just a little intimidating at first.

It is kind of a thing around here, I am sure it might be big other places, but I just caught on to it in the last couple months. I get 5 Sunday papers every week and 1 Thursday paper, I use a heavy duty binder to keep them uber-organized, that way I get multiple of every coupon and can stock up when super deals come up. It is not as hard as I thought it was going to be and I have really started to like it. It is kind of a fun challenge to see what kind of deals I can get. I use, she is amazing! Her food storage pantry is seriously crazy!

I posted some of my recent deals.

This week I stocked up on pasta - I got Whole Wheat and Smart Taste pasta for .20 a box (regularly 2.39 a box) - all of the pasta in the photo cost me $4 and tax! The other photo came to $34 or 36 (I can't remember), but I had a savings card from picking up a prescription at that grocery store so I only paid $10 out of pocket! I have also stocked up on things like cereal (not just the kids stuff, but stuff we eat, like Cinnamon Life for .40 a box or Special K with strawberries for .50 a box), Pop Tarts 12 count .40 a box, Quaker Granola Bars .40 a box, Tony's Freezer Pizzas for .28 a pizza, big tubs of Quaker instant oatmeal, syrup and the list really could go on. The most important thing is that I am making sure we are eating it, not just storing it. The kids like the variety and I like buying when stuff is on sale and not when I need it.

Emma's Busy Life

Emma has been a busy girl lately. Along with becoming a big sister of 2, play dates and random craziness she has took 2 sessions of swimming lessons over the summer and an All Ball class last month. Also over the summer our ward's Primary took a trip to the Temple where they visited the Temple grounds, had a wonderful lesson about Temples, a great picnic and even their picture taken (which I expect to see in some up coming Primary craft). I also added a picture in of a recent haircut - I hate having her hair cut, because we always lose a little more curl, but it has to be done, she is so cute and really adds some spunk to all of our lives.

Hogle Zoo

Recently I took the kids to the zoo. It was with a group of girls in my ward, we had a lot of kids with us and were totally out numbered, but we had a ton of fun! We watched the bird show, which was amazing, the bird fly so close over the audience, it was a little scary (hence Carson having his binky and keeping a good eye on the eagle), luckily Harrison stayed tucked close to me, he was small enough to be a meal for some of those huge birds. We also saw all of the fun new additions to the Zoo, they have a baby elephant, a baby giraffe, a baby snow leopard and 3 baby tigers, the kids were so excited!

Emma's New Dress

I have been sewing a little lately. My sister-in-law Liz is my crafty mentor and was telling me about these cute "pillow case" dresses and so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. It isn't perfect and Emma wasn't a big fan at first, but it was my first actual "wearable" project I have tried to sew and Emma gave it a chance and now asks to wear it every Sunday.
One thing I will say about sewing is that it isn't the cheap way to make clothes any more. When we were kids making our clothes was the inexpensive way to have clothes (although not the coolest). Now-a-days with Walmart and Target, you can't even make things that inexpensive. As for quality - the shirt and shorts I get at Target for 2.50 a piece have lasted past all the wear, tear and stains my kids put on them and that is saying something! BUT, I do think sewing is a dying art, I don't know if I will ever need to know how to make all of my kids clothes, but I do think sewing might be making a come back.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beethoven Beat Me!

A few weeks ago I ran a 5k. It was called The Beat Beethoven 5k and the goal was 32 minutes, which is the aprox time of Beethoven's 5th. I made it 36 minutes, I was a little disappointed, but maybe next year. I will say that it was my own fault - I hadn't really been training as hard as I should have, in fact I was only running 2 miles at a time and that 3 miles was probably the first 3 miles I have run in about 2 years! Haha, I suck, but at least I did it and for a mom of 3, including a 6 weeks old (at the time) I can't complain.

I know I look like a super geek in the photo, but there wasn't a beauty contest before hand, so I figured I was safe with what I was wearing. :) Anyway, I went by myself to the race because it started kind of early, the kids met me at the finish line and it was so cute to see Emma and Carson cheering me on (along with Jared of course). One funny "Mom moment" was that I had to head somewhere right after and was on a tight schedule, so about 5 minutes after finishing I was in the car nursing before heading off to the next thing. It was funny simply because life can be going a mile a minute, but when your baby says he's hungry there isn't anything that can stand in his way, not even Beethoven's 5th.

Piano Lessons

I started taking piano lessons recently, just for about 2 months. My super nice girlfriend and neighbor Cindy is teaching me and I have had so much fun so far. I am just starting out, but already I am learning so much and can play simple songs. I really love to play already.

I have always wanted to learn to play and even took lessons for a short while from Jared's mom, who is a phenomenal pianist to day the least. But as more babies came and schedules got busier it was easy to put it off or just go over and visit instead of actually doing a lesson. Not to mention at the time the only piano I had was a small keyboard that she had lent me. But when they left for Russia on their mission our "early inheritance" came - an amazing electric piano. So no reason not to take a advantage of this great gift!

One of my most favorite things about Jared's parents house is there beautiful grand piano in the front room, not only how it looks, but also I love entering their house and hearing Teri playing. I love the way the music makes the house feel. I want my house to feel that way, I want the kids to be at the table doing their homework and me playing in the background - I know it sounds sappy, but I really loved the calming presence of her playing (I miss her music) and I want to do that for my kids.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Moon

*** I rented a theater at Thanksgiving Point for New Moon - Nov 20th @ 10:00 pm - the tickets are $15 and that includes ticket, drink and popcorn - I have about 50 tickets left, anyone interested?***

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harrison's Blessing Day

Harrison was blessed today at church. My mom and dad came up from Arizona, Jill and Stan and their girls and Eric and Liz and their kids all attended. It was real nice. Afterwards Jared bbq'd hamburgers and I deep fat fried homemade french fries (it's no wonder we could all stand to lose a few pounds!) That said, please pour me up another Dr. Pepper!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Month Update

Today Harrison had his 2 month check up - he was very good and only cried a little with his shots. He did however freak out when I undressed him and put him on the scale, he hates to be naked and not snuggled.

His stats are:
Height: 22 1/4 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 10 lbs, 8 oz (25th percentile)
Head: 38 cm (10th percentile)

So he is on the smaller side, but he is growing.

He is a nice baby, still a little colicky but he is getting better. He is smiling now and loves to play with anyone who will play with him. He sleeps pretty well, he only wakes up once to eat around 4 - so if I go to bed at a normal hour, I can sleep well before waking up with him, which is nice.

We are definitely in love with this new addition!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Moon Trailer

AHHHH!!! I can't wait!

For those of you who don't know I have rented a theater on the opening day - it is the night if the opening (not midnight - the night before). If anyone wants a ticket, let me know... they are $15 and that includes ticket, drink and popcorn or treat. If anyone is willing to sit in the front 2 rows they are discounted. It is at th Thanksgiving Point theater, which is stadium and it will be reserved seating, so you don't have to wait in line.

***First come (PAY), first serve, so let me know who wants in.***

There is however ONE RULE - everyone in the theater has to follow : WHEN I SCREAM AND SQUEAL - EVERYONE HAS TO! :)

Special Thanks Molly - that was the best way to start my morning!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Sleeping Arrangments

Harrison is colic-y, he is super cute and wonderful, but his favorite thing to do at night especially, is cry. Today Jared was talking to one of the assistants he works with and she suggested putting him on the dryer!!! Apparently the noise, vibration and even the warmth help them calm down. I am not kidding - he went from crazy upset to deep sleep in seconds - and I am getting laundry done!!!

So guess where Harrison is going to hang out at night from now on... not screaming in my ear!

Don't worry, I am not going to leave him there all night, just long enough - to make sure he is really asleep. :)

If this wasn't my life - I'd be laughing...

Here is the situation that warrants the title...

I am having a "after-baby-female-issue", so yesterday I called the nurse at my OB's office and she suggested I come in and pee in a cup to take a culture (if this is TMI, then stop reading, it gets worse and my pride is already out the window, so you judging this entry is not going to help). So because I am only peeing in a cup and leaving I drag the kids with me - who wants to get a babysitter for a 1 minute apt, right? WRONG!!!

I tell the nurse what is going on exactly and she says she wants the doctor to take a look, awesome! So first I going into the "family sized" bathroom with all 3 of the children and pee in a cup, mean while Harrison starts to cry (because that is his favorite hobby), Carson starts opening the doors under the sink and trying to get to the trash can (because he thinks that is his private collection of playthings) and Emma is asking me why I am peeing in a cup - the fun has just begun!

They take me into an exam room and tell me it will only be a few minutes wait, which in normal world would be fine, but in my situation 30 seconds wait is too long. So I try to get a handle on my situation... I put Emma on a chair with a book - she is settled, I get Harrison out of his carseat and nurse him - he is quiet, and I hid the trash can and secure all cabinets from Carson - safe. We spend our wait time trying to entertain... singing, playing little games, ANYTHING. So then the doctor walks in. Emma stays in her seat, but Carson has been playing with the doctors rolling chair and isn't about to give it up, thankfully Emma helps him into her chair. All this time I am still nursing right in front of the doctor - because really, what is the point now? We talk for a second and then he has me lay back to take a look at my "girl area" - at this time Carson is highly interested in what he is doing and climbs off his seat to stand right next to the doctor the whole time.

So let's recap - Harrison nursing, Carson checking me out with the doctor and Emma about 2 feet from my head. I seriously felt like a huge joke was being played, like at anytime a camera was going to come out and tell me I was on a TV show or something... really - ANYTIME NOW!!!

This is what has happened to my privacy - they walk into the bathroom during showers and bathroom trips, they watch me nurse and pump and now this... I am pretty sure it could not get any worse.

This is being a Mom - it is good thing there are babysitters (Paige, Cali, Julia, Taylor - any of you, can you come over right now?!!!)

PS: Don't worry no pictures will be posted with this entry.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harrison Eugene Pratt

So he finally has a name... Harrison Eugene Pratt. Harrison is actually the name I wanted to name Carson, but when Carson came out he didn't look like a "Harrison" to me, so he became Carson. It took us forever to finalize Harrison as his name, we actually took him home and tried different names out, Harrison fit him nicely. Eugene, his middle name, is my father's name and we have planned on using that for him since he was born.

He is a very sweet baby - he is so soft and cuddly. I will say - HE LOVES TO BE HELD!!! This sound cute, but this is a little hard with 2 other "crazies" running around needing attention too. But as with everything, we will find a way to make it work.

I am not complaining, I am simply reporting... I think he may be colic-y. He gets pretty "upset" every night around the same time. On Monday we took him to his 2 week apt and the doctor gave us some medicine to help relax his stomach muscles at those time and it really has worked, he isn't getting upset as much and does not spend his evening screaming in my ear. We have been using the medicine for 2 nights now, so wish us luck for it to continue.

He sleeps well during the night - he has even gone a 7-8 hour time, more then once. But he still has nights where he is up every 3 hours, so nothing is consistent - and I don't really expect it to be... he is ONLY 3 weeks old!

His siblings are taking to him very well. Emma would snuggle and kiss him until his air is gone if we let her. I spend a lot of my day telling her to give him some space or to leave him alone while he is sleeping. Overall though she is an amazing helper - getting all the diapers, wipes, throwing them away, getting his binky and helping to comfort him when he needs it. She really has been more then amazing - I love that little girl! Carson on the other hand has taken his time getting to know the new addition to our family. The first day in the hospital he pointed with a grunt and then the next week he completely ignored him and anyone who was holding him. One day Jared tried to get him to give him a kiss and ended up chasing Carson around the house with the baby - it was really funny. He is getting over it though nicely - he gives him kisses and rubs his face so sweet. He even will run and get his binky if he gets upset. I think they will all grow up to like each other eventually - right?! :)

We are really excited to see how the next few months unfold - he is a sweet, beautiful baby and we are already so much in love with him.

Thanks to everyone for all of the amazing love you have showed us with thoughts, prayers, meals and even gifts - we are so gratful. At this point we really feel like we don't need anything else, but we would love visitors - come on over and see him!

I am adding some pictures of him - hope you love them.

PS: these are even old - I am still behind - forever!