Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Little Raw Vegan

This is what I call his "Jason Mraz Diet" (also a raw vegan) - I think Carson got the idea from him, cause he certainly didn't get the idea from any of us!

The last week or so Carson has not been wanting cooked foods. He will have a bite or two of whatever we give him - but he usually doesn't eat it all. So this is usually what he eats (and a variety of other fruits or veggies). He started this meal by working down 2 green pepper slices while I cut up the rest. Here he is eating watermelon, strawberries, cucumber and pear slices. He is so funny - he even prefers this over his old favorite - ANY CARB AVAILABLE.

Wait I should probably say - he still will eat Carbs (still loves his pancakes or waffles in the morning), he has not given those up altogether, he just prefers these - so don't worry, he has not gone totally over the "raw vegan" edge!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Murphy's Law Part 2

Two nights ago Jared and I stayed up way too late - the next morning Carson woke up at 5:50am crying so hard (I think the foot was hurting).

Last night I went to bed at around 11 (a little late, but okay for me), Carson and Emma still aren't up and it is almost 8.

BUT GUESS WHAT - I AM UP! You want to know why... my HUSBANDS PHONE ALARM went off in the kitchen at 6:30am, even though he fell asleep down stairs watching TV and doesn't have any meetings to get up for today! He came up stairs just as I had turned it off and said in a mumbled sleepy voice "sorry" (to say sorry for the alarm) as he passes me on his way to our bed - cause he can go right back to sleep with no problem. Me, on the other hand, tried to go back to sleep, because I was still tired, but apparently that is not in my genetic make up!

So there you go -
staying up late earns me early rising child
going to bed at a normal hour earns me no extra sleep because my husband is harassing me with his alarm!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Murphy's Law

Why is it on the days I slave over the house mopping and dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, doing the laundry - nobody comes over for me to show it off to. Then the days where I haven't done a thing and it SHOWS BIG TIME and I am asleep on the couch in my G's (yes, Heidi that is IT!), drooling all over my pillow - that is the day people stop by. Double ironic that on Wednesday when I was doing this, Heidi called to ask about scouts (who were going to show up in 10 minutes) and as I got off the phone with her I looked outside to see my Mother-in-law at the door... you know the most clean person on the planet... yeah that's her! :) I love it - could someone stop by one day after I have cleaned please, I do it often enough, chance should work in my favor - someday!

Our little gimpy...

Sunday morning (when Jared was out of town - OF COURSE), Carson started acting really funny. He is generally a very nice baby, especially at church, during Sacrament he either sits on my lap or plays with Emma and her "bookbag". This Sunday, he wouldn't let me put him down, he was whinny and grumpy and just all around not happy. He did take a super long nap, but I chalked it up to grumpy, tired and teething. That afternoon, I noticed he was walking a little funny and really didn't want to walk at all. He was favoring his right foot and when he would stand he would immediately take his weight off that foot. Monday it seemed to be getting better, he was walking more, but still a little whinny and in general kind of tender-hearted all day. Tuesday Jared started noticing his walking and to tell you the truth, that made me think - if he thinks it is something, it must be something (Jared seems to not catch on to the little changes and general things - so when he notices something, frankly it makes me worry! - I do love you honey, but it is true and all of your family who is reading this is totally agreeing with me right now.)

Anyway, Wednesday morning was his 18 month check up and I asked the doctor to check it out. The doctor immediately noted some swelling and asked if he would walk around at all. So Carson walked around for the doctor and showed him his cute limp. The doctor checked things out and said it wasn't broken, but he did have a sprained ankle! (I swear my kids take their vitamins and drink plenty of milk!) We are supposed to watch him for the next week and keep Tylenol in him, for any pain - that the doctor assured me he was in (oh how bad I felt then!). He said to make sure he is walking on it, but to limit the long walking and if he wants to be held, that is a sign it is "acting up" and to hold him or just keep him off of it for a little while.

My poor little baby! He is so dang cute and I have to say he has his "pimp limp" down pat! We are hoping this heals quickly, so keep him in your prayers. I hate having my kids (or any kids) in pain, especially the kind you can't really help.

PS: then today as I was moping the floor, Emma slipped a little on the wet floor and it hit me... I mopped the floor Saturday night and right after I finished mopping Carson walked on it and took a huge spill and I bet you anything that is when in happened. So guess what, I am not mopping anymore - for the sake of my children! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We sold our car!

Jared bought this car when he was single over 9 years ago! Little did he know he would drive his wife across the country (multiple times) in it, put his two babies in the back seat and have to finally sell it when he has his third! (He may have run screaming from the car if he would have known that future was in store)! It became my car the last couple years when he bought his Sonata and now it is April's car - the cute lady that bought it from us, I hope she enjoys! This car has been good to us, but it was starting to show its age and the back seat was not going to be enough for our growing family and so - good bye to our Altima! Lots of fun memories and trips in the little guy, but now, as with most things you leave behind... we are off to bigger and better things!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Retirement Party

Did all of you know Mike and Teri have been called to Russia as Mission Presidents. If not, they have been and leave in about 5-6 weeks - I can't believe it, what am I going to do without my great in-laws around. So because Mike can't work for the Alpine District and live in Russia, he is retiring! He has been in the district for 32 years! I can't believe that - it is a rarity to find such a loyal employee. I mean do you know anyone these days that stays with the same employer their whole career, I don't!

So to honor those that are retiring from the district they had an open house to come congratulate and wish luck to those leaving. There were a few others retiring, but Mike was "The Belle of the Ball" (as I called him), because most of the people came to see him. He is so well liked and known that he has made a real impression on the whole District (even though it often drive the family nuts - because we really can't go ANYWHERE without him running into someone who knows him and want to talk - even students he had 20 years ago recognize him and love to visit). Along with friends and colleagues, his brother John and his wife Shauna came down from Salt Lake and Teri's Uncle Dick and his wife Loye came to the reception. Our family was there also, along with Eric and Liz with David and Abi. It was a nice way to thank him for his hard work and I really was proud of him and all that he has done in his career. What was funny, is that he is proud of us too - many people I didn't even know came up to me and the kids and said how they recognized us from his pictures and how he loved to be a Grandpa... I love hearing that, it makes me love him even more!

We are so proud of you Mike, you are such a great Father-in-law and Grandpa - we are going to miss you both more then you can ever imagine!

I added a few extra pictures in because they were just funny. Carson quickly found the refreshment table and had a great time taking his pick of the yummy treats whenever I turned my back. The other photo is of he and Abi sitting next to each other, it made me laugh because she is so petite and his head looks HUGE next to hers! Isn't she so cute! I wish I had a better picture of her, because she had the cutest outfit on and she is just a little doll, you would all love her too!

Thanksgiving Point Barn Yard

I took the kids to The Thanksgiving Point Barn Yard the other day. It has been such nice weather and I was excited to get them outside for a little fresh air. We have been before MANY times, but we haven't been in a while and Carson is a little more aware of what he likes and dislikes now-a-days. He is more of a stand off-ish child then Emma is or ever was. He kept his distance from the animals at first but after watching for a while got the idea of which ones he was willing to get closer to. He did not like the donkey, every time he made a noise Carson would back up and come to me to be picked up. He did like the cows, I think because they didn't do much. He even petted the little calf (even though I didn't et a picture - sorry). We did get him on the horse ride, but he held on to my arm the entire time with a serious death grip, it was kind of funny. He didn't get to close to the goats and sheep, last time one "baaa-ed" really loud in his face and I think the memories quickly came back, because when one would come to the fence he would take steps in the other direction quickly.

Emma on the other hand, can't wait to go from animal to animal, seeing how many she can touch and pet. She absolutely loves the horse ride and sings her cow girl song the entire time she is on. The lady working the ride kept giggling every time Emma circled around. She also loved the goats, she got the baby to come over to her and she stayed by it for a while chatting it up and petting it's nose. She kept telling me that the baby loved her.

They had a great time and I did also. All I can say is Spring - keep it up! I loved being outside and enjoying the time with the kids!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Catching up

I haven't blogged in a while, so I am catching up. Don't feel like you have to read everything all at once. Take it one at a time if you need. Sorry, but I figured if I wrote a little with every picture I wanted to add, I would catch up quick. Thanks for reading!

New Recipe

Saturday I made a new recipe that I got out of my Pampered Chef Recipe Book (29 Minutes to Dinner). It is Sesame Crusted Salmon. I used the last of our Salmon from Alaska and got some ingredients from the store that I haven't used before - but really liked! Here you go! I know the salad looks a little silly, but our kids eat their veggies really well, if they can pick them up. I was really proud of myself, because I have a hard time trying new things. Earlier in the week I made Chicken Cordon Bleu - a great recipe I got from my sister-in-law Cammie. I am trying to be better at cooking from home and having dinner ready when Jared gets home (on the days I don't work). Wish me luck!


Recently Jared's parents gave us a twin bed from their house (they are making room to store things while they are in Russia as Mission Presidents). So Saturday Jared and I moved the furniture around to get Emma her new bed. Which meant we moved her crib, that was set up as a day bed, into Carson's room, which is where the baby is going to go. It was a little sentimental - it seems like only a little while ago that we were getting ready for her to come and sleep in that little crib. And now, It is crazy, are we really going to have another baby - #3? Do we really have TWO cribs in one room!? Two little ones and Emma!? Since we moved things around every time I go into "The Boy's Room" I feel like I am going to hyperventilate! I am in over my head!

On the other side of the wall, Emma loves her new bed! We went to Walmart and let her pick out a bed set and so, of course, we now have a Princess Bed. We still have some work to do, because she needs a bed skirt and a head board, but she doesn't know or care - she is in love it. She has even learned to make her bed and today after her nap she actually made it by herself, even folding her "tag" and putting it on her pillow like I showed her!

Our family is certainly growing and growing up ... when did this happen!

Tiny Dancers

Emma and Carson love to run around and dance. Emma has learned to get on our computer, get to itunes, go to "Emma's songs" and start them playing. Carson however prefers to waddle over to the ipod, point, do the "more" sign and start dancing. Either way, we spend a good part of our day dancing in the kitchen and living room. Our guests are not an exception to the rule, in fact they usually don't even have a chance, because my kids think they need to "entertain" those that come over, not to mention, with their cute little smiles, not very many people tell them no.

Here is Grandma T and Big Grandpa dancing to The Imagination Movers. Love your moves guys!

Carson Cuddling with Daddy

The other night poor little Carson was having a rough go. We didn't know it at the time (even though Jared called it), we found out the next morning he had a ear infection - poor little buddy! But he was so sad and wanted to be held in the funniest way, if Jared tried to adjust him, he would get mad, so he got what he wanted - bummy out and head shoved into Daddy's neck as far as it would go. It was a hard night, but he still was so cute! Don't worry after a quick visit to the doctor and a few helpings of antibiotics, he is back to his nice sleepy baby self and as happy as ever - thank goodness!

Carson's New Hobby

Carson is a climber! Emma wasn't a climber, so this is our challenge with Carson (Emma challenge is getting her to be quiet every once in a while).

He has learned to unlatch the dishwasher, open it and climb in. Originally he liked to just sit on the door and play with the dishes. Now he likes to stand up and get things off the counter or just look over to where we are and giggle, like he won (and he has). We are constantly telling him no and getting him down, but whenever we are out of the way he runs over there and gets in - it is so frustrating. We now have to keep our silverware out of the dishwasher until we are ready to turn it on and we have to empty it immediately, otherwise he will start unloading it for us. Do you love his face in the bottom picture - he is trying to be sneaky - so funny - he is definitely quieter then Emma - but he is a little more mischievous!

Emma's Homework

I am trying to start a little more educating for Emma. We have decided to not do a formal preschool this year, so I am going to get creative. Lucky for me my sister-in-laws (and sisters also probably, I just don't live close to them to find out) are very creative with their kids. Jill especially, her girls are super smart and I think she has to stay creative to keep them from getting bored - she is great!

This is one of her ideas - get a work book, whatever you want your kid working on and tear out the pages, place them in sheet protectors and use dry erase markers to work on it. This is a great idea, because those little work books are not cheap and Emma would just scribble through them in no time - this way she can practice as much as she wants and actually get better. Thanks Jill!

Here Emma is working on tracing some letters - she is getting better already - you can see how proud of herself she gets when it turns out how she wants - already kind of a perfectionist - so funny!

PS if anyone has any ideas for home preschool ideas - let me know please, I would love to hear everyone's suggestions!