Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emma makes me laugh!

Today I had to pick something up at Kmart. I have never taken the kids to Kmart - not that I have anything against it, but it is farther away then other stores and I have never had a need for it. Anyway, when we pulled in the parking lot Emma asked me "Mom, what is this place?" I told her "This is Kmart." Without missing a beat and rather matter-of-fact she says "There's smart and then there's Kmart smart." I could have lost a lung from laughing so hard.

Then the other day Jared and she were driving somewhere and he pulled into a parking lot that had a Subway in it... immediately she starts sing - 5, 5 dollar foot long. Just out of the blue funny!

I know what you think... too much tv... probably. But what can I say, she listens and has the memory of an elephant (really we have said that since I can remember). She just keeps me laughing, I love it!

Pampered Chef Sale

Yesterday I had a booth at the Taste of Homes in Provo - because of that I have all of my inventory out and prices at a discount (not to mention there is no tax or shipping) . If anyone is looking for a great Mother's Day or wedding gift or just want to browse for their own kitchen - feel free to give me a call or come over. I will most likely have them available to look at through the weekend. I have a great variety of items for every budget - including a Food Chopper, Grill Baskets, Stainless Steel Bowls and even a DEEP COVERED BAKER!!! Remember EVERYTHING is at a discount!!!

See you soon,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Neon Trees!

Neon Trees on Jimmy Kimmel tonight! Can't wait to see them!!!

It is channel 4 in our area at 12:06am - it is set on both of our DVRs, so anyone who misses it is welcome to come see it anytime.


Congratulations to Dan Wattleworth for being voted in as one of our city's Delegates!!!

Tonight is Caucus night!!!

Tonight is Caucus night!!!

The First Presidency has asked members of the Church to attend and participate (read it here).

Come and run as a delegate or just vote for the delegates who will choose the candidates who will be on the ballot in November. Make your voice heard.


Republicans meet at 7 p.m. at Pleasant Grove Junior High. Democrats meet at Cedar Ridge Elementary at 7 p.m.

This is the most basic level at which you can get involved politically. Come be part of the process.

Smith's Sales

Poweraid is on sale at Smith's for .25 each bottle (reg 1.19 each) - the store in PG has them now and the Highland Smiths should be getting them by 11ish this morning... last shipment was gone in about 2 hours. So if you want some there you go! :) There is a limit of 120 bottles (total about $32 after tax), but you can get 120 per store, per day - so if you want to go crazy... go ahead!


Ronzoni Smart Taste and Healthy (whole wheat) Pasta Price when you buy any 8 participating items and get $4 off instantly and there are coupons to get 4 for free and another 4 for .25 - so 8 total for $1.00!!! This is regularly 1.99 per box! I have attached the links for the coupons.

Happy Shopping!

PS: For those of you who signed up the Sunday paper after the Savvy Shopper lady came - you can also get free tuna (packs not cans!), free Lunchables and Ken's Salad Dressing for .49! For more great deals go to coupon wizard - lots of fun this week!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Call me the "Coupon Finder" or "Madam Coupon" will also work!

Do you want to get The Princess and the Frog DVD for SUPER CHEAP... here is how:

RC Willey has it on sale for 8.95 (14.95 for the Blu-Ray bonus pack) - you can print out the page of the add and take it to Walmart (who will price match).

On top of that has a $5 off for the DVD and $10 off coupon for the Blu-Ray you can print out.

SO your grand total should be less then $5 - depending on what you get DVD or Blu-Ray!!!

Additionally for the Blu-Ray Disk there is also a rebate you can mail off for to get $5 back after purchase - you can't complain about that!!!

Below are the links to the RC Willey ad and the $5 and $10 off coupon and Rebate info.

Link to DVD coupon

Link to Blu-Ray Coupon

Link to RC Willey's Ad

Link to Rebate Info

***at the RC Willey ad page - click bottom link "month long anniversary sale - furniture, mattress, and special offers" - then there is a blue box in the middle of the screen that says " click here to browse circular" - then scroll down just a little to find the two ads - click on the one you want and there is a button to print it out. ***

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My sister-in-law let me know about this great deal - so I am passing the knowledge to you...

Just thought I would let you know that the promotional code "Christmas" still works. You get a free cover and only pay shipping and handling.

My Grandma made me one for Carson and I wanted another, but I didn't want to pay $32. They are great for mothers, future mothers or would make a good baby shower gift.

I ordered The Carson - go figure! I am hoping to be done with nursing soon, but until then it will come in handy and I will use it for the next! NO I AM NOT ANNOUNCING!

Thanks Again Molly!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Here!!!

The Eclipse Trailer is here!!! I can't wait until June!!! AAAAHHHHH!!

Check it out....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lucky Number 7

Today is our seven year anniversary. I can't believe how much we have done in seven years and how much has changed. I really can't imagine life without him. As much as sometimes I want to explode, I know he is the only one that will help put me back together. He gets my sarcasm and doesn't mind my zaniness or when I get in way over my head... he just rolls his eyes and knows - it's me. He know each of my buttons and knows how to help me laugh it off when they get pushed. We are never going to be the cuddly couple in the movies or the ones who gush all over each other in public - we are never going to be the super posh yuppies who have everything we want (I don't even know if we would know how, if we had the option) - but we have our little family and at the end of the day I am so glad I can shut all the doors, hide my cell phone, turn off all the lights and lock the world out - but he will still be right there. My life is wonderful because of what he has brought to my life and what I have become because of his influence - that is an anniversary to celebrate!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleep Training Again

Today I spent the afternoon rearranging the cribs and beds to where I wanted them. I took one of the cribs apart that was in Carson's room, put it back together in Emma's room for Harrison, moved Emma's bed into Carson's room, took the other crib that was in Carson's room and replaced a part that had been broken - which meant taking it apart and putting back together again. Long story short - Emma and Carson are now roommates and Harrison is in Emma's room for a while. Once he is a better sleeper I think I will move him in with Carson, but for now he is on his own.

So far Emma and Carson are doing okay. They were both so excited to be with each other for bed time. They went to bed with no problems or stalling - just like a normal night. Maybe beginners luck... we'll see.

The biggest reason we wanted Harrison in his own room was for "sleep training". Tonight we are going to let him cry. I do go in after 5 minutes - I just try to calm - I don't pick up and I don't stay for more then a minute. Then after a couple 5 minute rounds I wait 10 minutes, then after a few 10 minute rounds I wait 15 - I have never gone longer then 15 minutes and I really don't plan to tonight. He is a stubborn baby - I think tonight is going to be rough.

The first night we sleep trained Emma was forever - she was older like Harrison and equally stubborn. She took about 5-7 days - the first 2 nights were awful and then it got easier from there. Carson we did at 4 months - it was hard because he was so little, but it went quick - only 1 hard night and 2 other mildly rough nights. It sucks to hear them so sad, but I need him to sleep better - we will all be happier when he is a better sleeper.

Oh Harrison, go to sleep little buddy - I know in the long run it is so much better to do this and have him be a good sleeper - I know we did this with the others and they are about the best sleeper I could ever ask for - I know he is not hurt and he is okay - I know all that.. but this really sucks.