Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night was the midnight release of Twilight the movie! If you don't know what Twilight is, call me immediately and I will send you the books! Also, you probably won't be interested in this next post.Reva, Sherrie, Emilie, Michelle and I left right before 11 pm to head to The Gateway Cinema up in Salt Lake for the showing. We decided to go there because they had assigned seating enough tickets for a good group. The place was packed, we had to hook on to each other to stay together when moving through the crowd, they even had police out front for the crowd, it was great!
I loved the movie and I was disappointed. I think when deciding to see this movie or not, you have to think, if you loved the book, nobody is going to be able to recreate that for you - unfortunately.

When looking at the characters cast on the internet and other places, I thought they did a really bad job, but I really think they fit fairly well in the movie. The best character cast was Charlie and Renee - I think the actors fit the part so well. The worst cast I think was Rosalie - I know it is hard to cast "the most beautiful women in the world", but she was not it, by a long shot in my eyes and it didn't help that bad hair color and make up vexed her through out the movie. Others I wasn't disappointed in were Emmett, Jasper and Alice - they seemed to fit the role fairly well and I ended up liking them. I actually Jasper WAS a little odd, but I think you have to read into his character to see that he is a new vegetarian vampire and is odd... it seemed to fit to me.

I was disappointed in some of the character development or lack of it and also some of the scenes they chose to leave out. Some of my favorites like - when he first spends the night and she wakes up and jumps on the rocking chair with him and they finally say I LOVE YOU! No chair and no I love you. He does spend the night and they do kiss - but it is short lived and it doesn't really show him working up to the kiss or getting better to be closer to her. I felt like they rushed through a lot of key stuff and it was a little disappointing.I did enjoy seeing this version of my favorite book. I have said it before and I will say it again - it can't do it justice. I can't show you what I see in my head, but it is amazing!

I will say I am going to see it again and probably again after that, then when it comes out on DVD I will own it and watch it at my leisure.
The best part of the night was hanging out with my good friends and laughing like teenagers a majority of the night! I had a blast girls, thanks so much for coming!I even had some temporary tattoos that the girls put on (from the New Moon book) , so along with my "It only takes one bite" shirt and my "Twilight Girl" beenie - we were set!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

Both Emma and Carson's birthdays were this week. Carson turned 1 on Sunday and Emma is 3 today! I really can't believe how quick they have grow and how fast they are learning. I absolutely love their crazy energy and funny personalities.Unfortunately we have all been sick this week and so we have been celebrating around feeling yucky! Saturday was their birthday party, we had a Safari themed party and I think it turned out great. Carson only got to enjoy about 15 minutes of it and then he slept the rest of the time... oh well, I wasn't going to keep him up for 15 - 2 to 3 year olds that would have made him crazy. I will post pictures as soon as I can, I actually only took a few, because I was busy hosting, but I know that Grandma T, Big Grandpa and Reva took some, I will get them soon to post.

Today we went with Grandma T to Madagascar 2, it was a really cute movie. Emma is not as much of a "movie buff" as I would hope and spent about 1/4 of the movie asking to be held or to go home and the rest of the time eating popcorn. Carson on the other hand was perfectly content on Grandma T's lap watching the movie and kicking along to the music.

To celebrate their birthdays on the blog, I had some photos emailed to me of them from our photographer and good friend,Emilie.

***Photographer Plug - don't skip this part: We had our family photos done last week and they turned out amazing! If you would like your pictures done and are looking for THE MOST TALENTED photographer in Utah, then you need to click the link to her website, which is on the right column of my blog under "Favorite Websites." She is, in my opinion, totally under priced (not in a bad way, but she doesn't let money control her art and doesn't want it to control others opportunities either), she is very flexible with schedules - even nap times, does amazing work with children and has done my kids in different stages as they have grown. I am so grateful for her and the photos of my kids, it is so fun to look back on them growing up through the work of a true artist.***So I thought I would show you a few of them she did recently and tell you the fun things the kids are doing in their stages.

Emma is totally amazing, in my eyes. She is to a really fun stage of "Big Girl." She loves to sing, dance, read and play. She has made some big steps in the last year... we got rid of her binky, got her in a big girl bed and have made big strides in the potty training process (we still have an occasional accident - so we have some work to do still). She absolutely loves her little brother and has made it her goal to make him laugh as much as possible. She is very helpful with him and is really learning all the responsibilities of being a big sister - even sharing! She is pretty smart in my eyes (of course I am a little bias), she can navigate around the computer, getting to Playhouse Disney and to her itunes playlist on her own - which is so funny to see. She loves to say the prayer and is very detailed in what she prays for... which is anything from The Imagination Movers to the remote control, but Mommy, Daddy, Carson and Uncle Tyson are always mentions. The newest thing she likes to do is snap - even though she has got it down pretty well for the last week or so, her face still lights up when she hear the snap - it is great!Carson is so nice - He is the best second child anyone could ask for! He is very soft and sweet, but can get talkative when he wants to - which we love to hear! He started crawling a few weeks ago and has found his way around everywhere. He has now started to climb a little, getting up on his knees only and stretching up, it is very cute. He loves to watch his sister, it doesn't matter what she is doing, he has his eye on her and if it is even the slightest bit funny, he will giggle. He is a super good eater, he loves to munch on anything especially anything we are eating... no matter what he has and what what we have - he always wants ours! He is getting a wider variety of food as well now, he has 2 teeth on the bottom and 4 on top are starting to push on his gums (but nothing up top has pushed through yet). He is a great sleeper and has been so easy compared to his sister. He is really a nice little sweet heart and I love to cuddle and kiss him! He is my little "mama's boy" and I really love it!
Happy Birthday Kids - hope you both had fun special days!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am especially grateful to a few people...

Emma has not been feeling well the last few days and last night seemed to be the worst. So to help her feel better and so I didn't have to spread any sickness, I stayed home to be with her. Others had a part in her feeling better as well...

Thanks to Jyll for working for me today! Even though she has a little baby of her own that she didn't want to leave, she knew I was desperate and pulled some strings to sub for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Along with Jyll, thanks to all the girls for helping out in my absence and to Dr. Payne for being understanding about me not wanting to work and leave Emma.

Thanks to Target for making the only Tylenol that Emma will take without a fit - in fact she calls it "yummy". Also to Walmart for your very effective Medicated Chest Rub.Last but not least thanks to Jackson, Broder and Sherrie for being so thoughtful and bringing Emma a "Get Well Soon" gift and picture. (Sherrie watches Emma and Carson on the days I work and Jackson and Broder are her sons - Emma's great friends!) When they delivered it the kids stayed in the car but Emma was so excited to see them, wave and blow kisses.

This is a water painting that Jackson did - it is a dinosaur... they both love dinosaurs! Incase you can't see the writing at the bottom says "To Emma - Feel Better! Love (heart) Jackson."
This is some yummy hot chocolate with a picture of "Imagination Mover Rich" on it. The Imagination Movers are Emma's favorite show right now and Rich is one of the characters. I love it, Jackson, you are the cutest guy ever - thank you so much for being such a good friend to Emma!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 More Days!!!

Twilight is coming in 10 more days - I can't wait!!! A few girlfriends and I already have our tickets for a midnight showing and I am dying for the day to come closer!

I know, I know, some of you critics are saying - "but it might ruin your ideal Edward or Bella" or "it's going to ruin the book for you"... maybe, but I don't think so. I really am excited to go... no he is not the Edward in my head and she is not the Bella in my head - but neither was Leo and Claire for Romeo and Juliet or Kira Knightly for Elizabeth - but I still enjoyed it and appreciated the facts that some of my favorite classics were being loved by so many on the big screen. I think this is how it will be with Twilight - I have spent the last 2 years loving the characters in my head - I will hold on to them and let these on the movie show me another version, not to replace, to add to. PLUS - my instincts guide me... whenever I see a trailer or clip - I get so excited, my heart beats faster and it makes me smile... there is my answer.

For all of you not watching, I really do understand, if you change your mind - call me, I have a feeling I will be seeing this one more them once!

or you others - Sherrie, Michelle, Emilie and Reva - I will see you in the theater (with my "Mrs. Edward Cullen" shirt on of course!). I added this clip to get you up for it! The last minute is a clip that is great!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emma's New Favorite song!

Thanks to Broder and Jackson, Emma now loves this song. She sings it all the time and asks us to play this video on the computer, so she can dance. Hope you enjoy!

I Like To Move It - Funny blooper videos are here

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged X 8

My friend Lindsay tagged me a few days ago and I haven't had time to do it, but I didn't want her to think I forgot her, so here you go...

8 TV shows I like to watch:
The Office, Man vs. Wild, Scrubs (on occasion), Daily 10, Ace of Cakes, Sports Center, Dirty Jobs, John & Kate Plus 8.

8 things that happened yesterday: FHE, Emma and I walked around the block multiple times, scheduled our family pictures, talked to my sister on the phone, took the kids to visit Grandma T, went to Target, made a Christmas list for the kids, did a few loads of laundry.

8 Favorite places to eat:
Home when Jared smokes or bbqs something, Jimmy Johns, Snickles (it's closed now, but because Jared's uncle was the owner - we still get to enjoy the best of the best), Cafe Fresh, Cafe Rio, Chef's Table, The Roof, Quatros Pizza (best Pizza I've ever had - it's in Illinois).

8 things I’m looking forward to:
Family pictures, payday, the kid's birthdays, Christmas shopping for the kids, my parent's coming to visit, a mini van, a new digital camera, potty training being over.

8 people I tag:
I am sorry Lindz, I love you and I did this for you, but I do not love tags, so I am not going to tag anyone else cause what if they hate it also.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year was a little more fun then years past, this year was the first year Emma has really understood Halloween. She talked about Halloween, her costume, she practiced saying "trick or treat", she even woke up from her nap that day ready to get going... she knew what was going on and it really made it more fun for us.
We tried to give the kids a theme . Emma was a monkey and Carson was an elephant. Emma absolutely loved her costume because she had a banana in her pocket and a "cute tail" that she would out to everyone.Carson was not in love with his costume, but he was a trooper and didn't complain, he is so mellow, he really doesn't care what we do. Although he didn't get any candy, he did love all the smiles and hugs he got from our neighbors.
We started the evening off by walking around our neighborhood and visiting some of the homes in the area. Reva, Ryan, Andy and Tony joined us, for two reasons... one - they are our friends and we enjoy their company and tw0 - Andy, Tony and Emma would spend every hour of every day together if they were able, so we thought it would be fun to let them enjoy Halloween together.
Plus Andy and Tony were also monkeys - which was so cute to see the three little monkeys running down the street banging on each door. They had a great time!
Emma was so funny, it didn't take long for her to get the process. She would knock on the door, say "trick or treat", get her candy, say "Thank you, Happy Halloween" and the quickly turn and sprint to the next door. She was "speed-trick or treating".

After we made it around the block, we went to continue the fun at Grandma T's house. Although we were too late for their "trunk or treat", we didn't miss out on some fun with the family. Eric and Liz were over with David and Abi - who were so cute. Emma spent the rest of the evening playing with her favorite "Little Da-Veed", singing for Grandma Nicholls (who was in town) and then hanging with Grandma T.Grandma T just had hip surgery last week and Emma loves to put herself in the middle of the walker and pretend to be in a cage... sometimes I wish I had a cage!Little David was a golfer... isn't this awesome! He actually has a really good swing already!Here is Abigayle, she is the tiniest little sweetheart ever! She is so little, but her features are all so petite that you can tell even as she gets older she is going to be little. Don't you just love her tutu?! Liz made that! She said it was fairly easy and showed me how, but isn't she awesome that she would do that, she is way more brave with her craftiness then I am.Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Don't forget to brush and floss after all this sugar and don't forget to visit your hygienist to make sure those teeth stay clean!