Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yesterday Carson had a little spill. He likes to try to get in the shower with me and in his attempt to visit me the floor got wet and he slipped. He cried for a little but, we thought he may have bumped his head or just got scared. Then we noticed he was favoring that leg. He actually had sprained that leg about a month ago when I mopped the floor - taking another spill on the wet. Anyway, we decided we would "watch" it and see Monday if there has been any improvement. That afternoon we were over at Jared's parent's house and he wanted to get down and play with some toys on the floor. He took a few steps (which was really the first time since his morning accident that he had even given a try) and fell almost immediately. His cry was way more severe this time and we decided to take him to Urgent Care right away. After an xray and exam they let us know he had broken his leg - in two different places! He has a spiral fracture at the base of his Tibia and a straight fracture in the middle of the Fibula. Because of the type of fracture and the placement in the bone, they sent us to Primary Children's Hospital in SLC to meet with a Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist. After a few hours there they concluded that neither fractures were in the area of the growth plates and his healing should be straight forward. They let us know that they didn't expect any long term problems or growth issues - which were were so grateful for.

We kind of think that his Spiral fracture may have happened in the morning with the shower - because the doctor's said that is the more painful of the fractures, but only when pressure is placed on the foot (which he didn't all day). Then his fall at Grandma T's house probably is what happened to the Fibula, because I heard a pop when he fell - the Fibula is not a weight bearing bone and it was trying to do all of the work and with all the pressure plus another fall, it couldn't take it either.

Regardless, he is in a hard splint now, to let the swelling go down and watch for a few little issues that can come from his kind of breaks. Wednesday he should get his cast on and start a 5 week healing period. Until his cast is on he is supposed to be immobile - which is already bugging him.

He is doing good though and we expect to have a completely healed up little boy in time for the baby to come. Wish us luck in the next week!

The bottom photo is a teddy bear his nurse gave to him to hold on to while his splint was put on, a process nobody was looking forward to. The wrap on his teddy's leg is the same design as his splint. Carson of course, just wanted to play with the big tag on his ear. Since it has gotten to our house, Emma has volunteered to take care of the bear until Carson feels better.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Suburban For Sale

My in-laws have recently been called as mission Presidents to Russia and leave at the end of the month. They have an awesome Suburban that they are going to sell before they go - apparently shipping a Suburban to Russia is a little impractical. So if you or anyone you know is interested give them a call, it is a great car and perfect for a growing family and anyone wanting to tow anything - I am pretty sure it could tow your house away if you wanted it to. Below is a great description and some pictures.

This is a 1997 Chevy Suburban with 143ooo miles on it with a clean title, no accident and no mechanical problems. It has been very well taken care of with regular maintenance and very clean inside and out. It has great tires, fairly new brakes and a GREAT tow package. It seat 9 when needed and 8 very comfortably with a great trunk/storage in the back (as seen in picture). It has CD/tape player, power windows, power doors, luggage racks, side-step railing, zone-air conditioning, floor mats, directional function on rear-view mirror, trip odometer, cruise control, and tilt.

It is a great Suburban and priced nicely to sell - only $5,900! If you have any questions or would like to take a look, call Teri 801-224-3884.

Mother's Day with Jason Mraz!

I know this is about a month late, but I only recently acquired these pictures from the only person prepared enough to bring a camera on a little vacation to Vegas!

A few months ago a couple friends and I discovered that Jason Mraz (our mutual boyfriend) would be playing in Vegas - not looking at the date, time, day of the week, we quickly purchased tickets and started planning a little Girl's Overnighter to Vegas.

After all was purchased and planned Jared pointed out that it was Mother's Day Weekend that we would be gone... opps! Then the calendar for that month started to be planned and we found out the same weekend was when my in-laws were asked to speak for the pseudo-fair well talk (they are leaving for Russia is 3 weeks)...double opps! Not to mention the show was at 11:55 pm on a Saturday (we only really saw Saturday when purchasing) and so the concert did go into the next day - we actually didn't put that together until Dr. Payne asked about it a few days before we left (one of his daughters came too and he was concerned for her salvations hehehe)...triple opps! BUT DON'T WORRY - three strikes doesn't mean your out, when your tickets were purchase and trip was planned FAR before anything else... so off to Vegas we went!

Melissa, Leanne and I left Saturday morning and road tripped down to Vegas - we took the van, so I had planned for movies and everything for our entertainment, but really we had a fun time just visiting the entire way down. It is amazing for all the time we spend together at work, we still had PLENTY to talk about for our trip.

We stayed at the Tropicana - getting there mid day with plenty of time to wander around Vegas (getting creeped out by Donny and Marie in the mean time), spend some money, donate to the Casinos (some of us were more charitable then others) and even take a dip in the pool (with some very yucky drunk Marines - that is all there is going to be said about that - they were YUCKY!!!).

Then after a great dinner (and dessert), we got over to the Palms (The Great and Spacious Building) and prepared for the whole reason for our visit - JASON!!!

Melissa and I (along with our friend Becky, who didn't come to Vegas with us) had seen him in SLC a few months ago and were waiting for another great performance... he did not disappoint!

There was plenty of amazing hip and leg action (he seriously is the SEXIEST dancer I have ever seen!), lots of great music and even special guests!!! Both of his duet partners were there to preform with him - including Colbie Caillat, who sings Lucky with him!!! It was amazing!

We really had such a great time - we were a little in over our heads when it came to lack of sleep though - the concert didn't even start until 1 am (Utah Time) and we didn't get into our hotel room until about 4 am (Utah Time). Apparently when you are pregnant - sleep is a NEED not a want, both Leanne and I are both pregnant, but we were troopers! Needless to say we were really tired the next couple days - BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

What I learned from this weekend...

1) While driving in Vegas - look straight ahead and nowhere else, if you can't look straight ahead (for one reason or another - not to ever be mentioned again!), turn at the next block - there is simple nothing else to do!

2) While there are nice, pretty things in Las Vegas - it is not a vacation for families... not husbands, not sons, not daughters, nobody - bad!

3) If you are in a hot tub and 2 boys with tatoos and beer come to get in also - IMMEDIATELY excuse yourself and say you were just leaving... it will save you a lot of time and annoyance!

4) If you are in love with a famous star - do not "Google" or try to find out information about them, they are better in your head. They don't swear or smoke pot, they cut their finger nails and they eat whatever you want them too.

5) No matter how short the trip or how hard Jared laughs at my packing skills - three girls are going to fill up the trunk of a van with luggage!

Still after all the fun, I am so glad I went and shook my Baby Belly in front of the Las Vegas audience in the Palms!

Thanks girls I had the BEST time!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't Tell Jared!

Every once in a while I lose my debit card - now is one of those times! I know why I do it - it is because I don't consistently put it back in my wallet and then it put it in my pocket or dump it into my purse and then it runs away because of neglect. Most of the time I find it in a pocket or in the depths of my purse in a fairly timely matter... but it has been a few days and I am starting to miss it.

I can't put "Missing" posters up, in fear that Jared will realize what has happened and then I will get "the talk" about responsibility when it comes to money and credit... I can recite it for you if you would like.

So if you are with me when I write a check or pay with change, now you know why. It isn't because I have been sucked back a decade, it's because I have lost one of my best friends - MY CARD!!!