Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Sleeping Arrangments

Harrison is colic-y, he is super cute and wonderful, but his favorite thing to do at night especially, is cry. Today Jared was talking to one of the assistants he works with and she suggested putting him on the dryer!!! Apparently the noise, vibration and even the warmth help them calm down. I am not kidding - he went from crazy upset to deep sleep in seconds - and I am getting laundry done!!!

So guess where Harrison is going to hang out at night from now on... not screaming in my ear!

Don't worry, I am not going to leave him there all night, just long enough - to make sure he is really asleep. :)

If this wasn't my life - I'd be laughing...

Here is the situation that warrants the title...

I am having a "after-baby-female-issue", so yesterday I called the nurse at my OB's office and she suggested I come in and pee in a cup to take a culture (if this is TMI, then stop reading, it gets worse and my pride is already out the window, so you judging this entry is not going to help). So because I am only peeing in a cup and leaving I drag the kids with me - who wants to get a babysitter for a 1 minute apt, right? WRONG!!!

I tell the nurse what is going on exactly and she says she wants the doctor to take a look, awesome! So first I going into the "family sized" bathroom with all 3 of the children and pee in a cup, mean while Harrison starts to cry (because that is his favorite hobby), Carson starts opening the doors under the sink and trying to get to the trash can (because he thinks that is his private collection of playthings) and Emma is asking me why I am peeing in a cup - the fun has just begun!

They take me into an exam room and tell me it will only be a few minutes wait, which in normal world would be fine, but in my situation 30 seconds wait is too long. So I try to get a handle on my situation... I put Emma on a chair with a book - she is settled, I get Harrison out of his carseat and nurse him - he is quiet, and I hid the trash can and secure all cabinets from Carson - safe. We spend our wait time trying to entertain... singing, playing little games, ANYTHING. So then the doctor walks in. Emma stays in her seat, but Carson has been playing with the doctors rolling chair and isn't about to give it up, thankfully Emma helps him into her chair. All this time I am still nursing right in front of the doctor - because really, what is the point now? We talk for a second and then he has me lay back to take a look at my "girl area" - at this time Carson is highly interested in what he is doing and climbs off his seat to stand right next to the doctor the whole time.

So let's recap - Harrison nursing, Carson checking me out with the doctor and Emma about 2 feet from my head. I seriously felt like a huge joke was being played, like at anytime a camera was going to come out and tell me I was on a TV show or something... really - ANYTIME NOW!!!

This is what has happened to my privacy - they walk into the bathroom during showers and bathroom trips, they watch me nurse and pump and now this... I am pretty sure it could not get any worse.

This is being a Mom - it is good thing there are babysitters (Paige, Cali, Julia, Taylor - any of you, can you come over right now?!!!)

PS: Don't worry no pictures will be posted with this entry.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harrison Eugene Pratt

So he finally has a name... Harrison Eugene Pratt. Harrison is actually the name I wanted to name Carson, but when Carson came out he didn't look like a "Harrison" to me, so he became Carson. It took us forever to finalize Harrison as his name, we actually took him home and tried different names out, Harrison fit him nicely. Eugene, his middle name, is my father's name and we have planned on using that for him since he was born.

He is a very sweet baby - he is so soft and cuddly. I will say - HE LOVES TO BE HELD!!! This sound cute, but this is a little hard with 2 other "crazies" running around needing attention too. But as with everything, we will find a way to make it work.

I am not complaining, I am simply reporting... I think he may be colic-y. He gets pretty "upset" every night around the same time. On Monday we took him to his 2 week apt and the doctor gave us some medicine to help relax his stomach muscles at those time and it really has worked, he isn't getting upset as much and does not spend his evening screaming in my ear. We have been using the medicine for 2 nights now, so wish us luck for it to continue.

He sleeps well during the night - he has even gone a 7-8 hour time, more then once. But he still has nights where he is up every 3 hours, so nothing is consistent - and I don't really expect it to be... he is ONLY 3 weeks old!

His siblings are taking to him very well. Emma would snuggle and kiss him until his air is gone if we let her. I spend a lot of my day telling her to give him some space or to leave him alone while he is sleeping. Overall though she is an amazing helper - getting all the diapers, wipes, throwing them away, getting his binky and helping to comfort him when he needs it. She really has been more then amazing - I love that little girl! Carson on the other hand has taken his time getting to know the new addition to our family. The first day in the hospital he pointed with a grunt and then the next week he completely ignored him and anyone who was holding him. One day Jared tried to get him to give him a kiss and ended up chasing Carson around the house with the baby - it was really funny. He is getting over it though nicely - he gives him kisses and rubs his face so sweet. He even will run and get his binky if he gets upset. I think they will all grow up to like each other eventually - right?! :)

We are really excited to see how the next few months unfold - he is a sweet, beautiful baby and we are already so much in love with him.

Thanks to everyone for all of the amazing love you have showed us with thoughts, prayers, meals and even gifts - we are so gratful. At this point we really feel like we don't need anything else, but we would love visitors - come on over and see him!

I am adding some pictures of him - hope you love them.

PS: these are even old - I am still behind - forever!

I am WAY behind!

I know I haven't blogged in a while, my family won't stop reminding me that they want pictures of Harrison, I know I need to catch up and I will try - but it is hard keeping up with anything right now... so be patient!