Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He is Here!!!

He is here and he is super cute!!!

I was scheduled to come in at 6:30 this morning, but at 6 when I called to check in (like they told me to) they said they were full and to hold off. They called me back soon after and I was told to come in. We arrived at around 7:15 and was hooked up and ready for business by 7:30. At 8 am they started my IV with antibiotics , because of the strep B test and told me I would need that in my system for 4 hours, but they started the Pitocin along with it so I could progress while the antibiotic was working. The pitocin is NO JOKE! I was have contractions every 3-5 minutes and strong! I got my epidural around 11 ish and took a little nap. They checked me at noon and I was between a 4-5. So the doctor broke my water at 12:30 and guessed I would deliver around 3:30. Within a few minutes my contractions were every 2-3 minutes and the nurse came into to see how everything was progressing. At that point I was at 6mm. After that one of the nurses came in to ask a few questions, I told her I could feel my contractions and they were quite strong - she checked again and said I was already at a 9 - within a matter of 15 minutes! She started getting things ready and told me she had to grab the "cart" and she would be right back, but if I felt any pressure in my lower back to page the nurse because it might be the baby. No more then about 15 seconds after she left I felt a strong pressure in my lower back and told Jared I thought we needed to page her back, he laughed and said "she just shut the door" so I pushed the button, she came back in and I told her, she checked and the baby's head was crowned. Luckily they had already called the doctor and he was walking in, she let him know and he quickly got things ready. As soon as I was in the right position they waited for a good contraction and told me to push, out came his head! Next contraction they had me push again and there he was - seriously it was TOO easy! He is so cute! He has TONS of hair and chubby checks, he reminds me of Emma when she was born. He weighs 8lb, 3 oz (just a ounce shy of what both Emma and Carson weighed when they were born), he is 20 inches long and just so perfect! He is nursing like a champ already and so we think he is surely in the right family because he loves to eat!

We are so grateful he is here and everyone is doing fine! We love you all and will let you know as so as he has a name!

PS if you are on Facebook and are one of Jared's friends there are pictures there - I haven't uploaded any to this computer, but I will as soon as I get home, which should be tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Cast is Off!!!

Today it has been 4 weeks since Carson got his cast on. We returned to Primary Children's for a follow up xray and removal of the cast. Carson did not like the xray, or anyone in scrubs, or anyone who looked at his leg up close... it was a lot of fun! After the doctor reviewed the xray that showed 2 healed up bones the nurses took the cast off. His reaction is so funny sometimes. First he simply hid his face (his universal defense mechanism), then he watched behind his arm as they removed it, not really bugged at all (Emma was more upset by the "saw" then anyone). But, when they actually took the cast away from his leg he got so upset. He cried and tried to wiggle away from them. The nurse (who had 2 students with her) laughed and told all of us that his reaction was the opposite of most kids reaction - they usually wiggle and cry with the "saw" and like the cast coming off. After it was completely removed they handed it to him and he actually tried to put it back on, like he does when we take his socks or shoes off - it was really funny.

The doctor did say he would probably walk funny for up to a month, but that was totally normal. After that, there are no long term problems to worry about. His leg is dry, but after a little lotion he will be good as new!

Yeah, no more dead weight, no more extra 5 pounds to carry around and no more using his cast as a weapon - just in time, incase you can't see in the picture (which would tell me you can't see at all), I am HUGE - this baby needs out soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July

The 4th of July, was not only a fun day with parades, food and fireworks - it was also kind of the "last ho-rah" with Jared's family, or at least the ones who were still here. We have had all of his siblings here for the last few weeks for a last get together before his parents left as Mission Presidents to Russia (I still need to blog about this). Steve was the last to leave, he left on the 5th and so we used the 4th to celebrate "all together" also.

Jared and Eric got up early that morning (4am) and got a great seat for the Provo Parade. It was great, not only was Steve's and Eric's family there, but so was Liz's parents and our good friends The Rasbands, they have twin boys and live across the street from us. We all had a great time.

After the parade we carried on a greasy Pratt tradition with KFC for lunch, we all went back to Pratt Central (Grandma T and Big Grandpa's house), where Eric and Liz are now living, for yummy food and fun games. After a long fun day we all split to "freshen up" and get ready for the fireworks.

Liz's family goes to the Provo Temple to steal a glance at the Stadium of Fire fireworks and the last few years we have joined them. This year we also were with Cammie's family in a big group. We had great seats to see the fireworks and tons of room for the kids to run around and play while we waited for the big show. Also great blanket space for Carson and Logan to have a cute game of catch (Carson is NOT a grass person - in case you might not know). Some dark rain clouds threatened our fun, but never really got us - we were lucky and had a great time!

Thanks for all the Fourth of July Fun everyone! Emma and Carson had the best time playing with their cousins and their Aunts and Uncles.

Swim Lessons

I know this is the second "pool" entry in a row but...

Emma started swim lessons on Monday. She was very excited about it. She did pretty well, but is not interested in putting her head under the water. I am pretty sure it has something to do with her tubes, but either way, after 2 days of her teachers trying nicely, today after class I was swimming with her and just took her under, I don't even think she knew what happened - she just looked at me like "what was that?" I think I am going to try it after or before class everyday... so if she needs therapy because of her fear of water - put it on my tab! :) I really do think this is a great way for her to get more comfortable in the water - she loves going to the pool and I love being outside playing with her in the pool - a great summertime activity!

She is a funny little girl though, here are some pictures of her with her buddies Andy and Tony, who are taking the class with her. (They took classes last year and rock the free world at going under the water). She loves her 2 teachers Missy and Heather and beams when they give her a high 5 after she does something new. So far her favorite thing is to throw the water toys in the water (a game to get them to go under) and watch as it drops. She reaches down and then waits as one of the twins get it for her - so funny! They also play "ring around the rosey" - another example of her not giving in - she DOES NOT fall down. She simply watches everyone else go under like they are fools, I have yet you capture the facial expression when they "fall down" - it is like she is disgusted with them. Funny, but a little scary - already she is so stubborn!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The AF Pool

There are a ton of great things for the kids to do in the summer time. We live in an area where you really could do something almost everyday, today we went to the American Fork Pool. Reva, my good friend and neighbor came along with her twins Andrew and Anthony, two boys that are so fun and we are certain if we still live close will be one of Emma's future boyfriends. hahaha! Sarah, a cute little neighbor girl, that is one of Emma's only girlfriends came with us too. (I am serious, we have SO MANY boys in the neighborhood, but only 2-3 little girls her age!)

The kids had a blast! They were immediately all over, running, splashing and "swimming"! Andrew and Anthony took swim lessons last year, so they were way brave with their "head dunking" while Sarah was the bravest on the blue covered slide - she continued up and down that slide a good part of the day. The BIG red slide was not something we ventured on today - 5 kids, 2 adults (one very pregnant) - maybe next time!

Carson was funny too, he saw the water and was so excited, but then he realized we were going in and clung onto me like a baby monkey - sometimes I think he is trying to climb back inside! After lunch and a little water warm up he was a little more excited, but still glued to my hip - which is fine with me, he is so dang cute! By the end he was having a great time too, even going down the little slide, with help of course. But I was glad, because Jared thought I should leave him home - but I always feel bad, leaving him and taking Emma - just because he is young doesn't mean he can't have fun too - I did take Emma when she was that young... so thanks little buddy for helping me not regret my decision! Also - Thank goodness his cast is water-proof, that makes life so much easier!

It was so relaxing to sit in the pool and visit with Reva. The kids are at a nice age, where they are happy to play on their own, so we stayed close, but were able to visit and relax ourselves. Whoever invented "kiddie pools" and "beach entrances" is a genius!

Thanks for the fun everyone, we will plan another trip really soon!!!


It is funny how much can happen in a month of no posting... I am going to catch up soon - hopefully before the baby, wish me luck!

Until then...

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!